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Beta Distribution Example for Cricket Score Analysis

virat kohli score probability using beta distribution

This post represents a real-world example of Binomial and Beta probability distribution from the sports field. In this post, you will learn about how the run scored by a Cricket player could be modeled using Binomial and Beta distribution. Ever wanted to predict the probability of Virat Kohli scoring a half-century in a particular match. This post will present a perspective on the same by using beta distribution to model the probability of runs that can be scored in a match. If you are a data scientist trying to understand beta and binomial distribution with a real-world example, this post will turn out to be helpful. First and foremost, let’s identify the random variable that we would like …

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25 Types of Probability Distributions Defined with Examples

uniform probability distribution plot

In this post, you will learn the definition of 25 different types of probability distributions. Before we get into understanding different types of probability distributions, let’s understand some fundamentals. If you are a data scientist, you would like to go through these distributions. This page could also be seen as a cheatsheet for probability distributions. What is Probability Distributions? A probability distribution is a mathematical function that can be thought of as providing the probabilities of occurrence of different possible outcomes in an experiment. Probability distributions are divided into two classes: Discrete Probability Distribution: The probabilities defined on a discrete random variable, one which can only take a discrete set of values, is …

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