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Interns – Machine Learning Interview Questions & Answers: Set 1

interns machine learning interview questions and answers

This page lists down first set of machine learning / data science interview questions and answers for interns / freshers / beginners. If you are an intern or a fresher or a beginner in machine learning field, and, you are looking for some practice tests before appearing for your upcoming machine learning interview, these practice tests would prove to be very useful and handy. Machine Learning topics covered in Test In this set, some of the following topics have been covered: Machine learning fundamentals (Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms) Different types of machine learning problems and related algorithms with examples Concepts related with regression, classification and clustering Practice Test (Questions …

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Dummies – How to Start Learning Quantum Computing

How to Get Started in Quantum Computing

If you are a beginner / rookie / fresher to quantum computing and wondering on how to get started with Quantum Computing, here is the great piece of advice on learning Quantum Computing, posted by Aram Harrow, assistant professor of Physics at MIT. The following is the summary: Quantum computing is at the intersection of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. Given above information, get started with learning some of the following: Physics (Quantum mechanics) Mathematics (Linear Algebra and Probability). Other topics may include group and representation theory, random matrix theory and functional analysis. Computer Science topics including but not limited to algorithms, cryptography, information theory, error-correcting codes, optimization, complexity, machine learning Quantum Computing Bookmarks You may bookmark some …

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70 Regression Analysis Interview Questions & Practice Tests

Linear and logistic regression interview questions and practice tests

This page lists down practice tests (questions and answers), links to PDF files (consisting of interview questions) on Linear / Logistic Regression for machine learning / data scientist enthusiasts. These questions can prove to be useful, especially for machine learning / data science interns / freshers / beginners to check their knowledge from time-to-time or for upcoming interviews. Practice Tests on Linear / Multilinear Regression These are a set of four practice tests (consisting of 40 questions) covering linear (univariate) and multilinear (multivariate) regression in detail. Linear, Multiple regression interview questions and answers – Set 1 Linear, Multiple regression interview questions and answers – Set 2 Linear, Multiple regression interview …

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Logistic Regression Interview Questions & Practice Tests

logistic regression interview questions and practice tests

This page lists down a set of 30 interview questions on Logistic Regression (machine learning/data science) in form of objective questions and also provides links to a set of three practice tests that would help you test / check your knowledge on an ongoing basis. These questions and practice tests are intended to primarily help interns/freshers/beginners to help them brush up their knowledge in logistic regression from time to time.  The following is a list of topics covered on this page. Introduction to logistic regression Logistic regression examples Evaluating performance of logistic regression and related techniques including AIC, deviance, ROC etc. Difference between linear and logistic regression Here is another post on …

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30+ Infosys Freshers Interview Questions

logistic regression interview questions

If you are a fresher (fresh out of college) or still doing your engineering or related (MCA/BCA) degree and you are planning to appear for Infosys (as part of campus placement or campus hiring), here is a list of questions you would want to brush up in order to get fully prepared for Infosys interview. The following are some of the categories representing different interview questions: Technical questions Project-related questions HR-related questions Technical Questions Object-oriented concepts What is a class? What is inheritance What is data encapsulation? Programming concepts What are pointers? How do you implement pointers in C? Write a program on Fibonacci series and odd/even number Write a program …

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Java – How to Fix java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError Error?

This article represents tips on how to fix Java error such as UnsupportedClassVersionError. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos. How to Reproduce the Error? Set the JAVA_HOME with one version of Java. And, include “bin” of different Java version in PATH variable. Compile the class, say, HelloWorld.java with “javac” command Start the JVM with following class: “java HelloWorld” With above, you could see error such as following: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: HelloWorld : Unsupported major.minor ver sion 52.0 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) at java.security.SecureClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader.access$100(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source) at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source) …

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What are Objects in Javascript ? – Code Samples

Wrote this article on Objects & Javascript for future reference. Codecademy.org is my favorite go-to-place for learning Javascript. Javascript Objects could be defined in following three manners. Objects created as Variables Objects created using new Object() Objects created using Constructor   Objects created as Variables // Defining object as a variable var School = { name: “DAV Public School”, studentsCount: 600, admissionOpen: false, }; School.isAdmissionOpen = function() { return this.admissionOpen; }; School.setAdmissionStatus = function( openOrClosed ) { this.admissionOpen = openOrClosed; };   Objects created using new Object() In the example below, College is an object type. // Creating object using new Object() var College = new Object(); College.name = “IIT …

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Things to Learn Prior to Getting Started with AngularJS


The article represents the pre-requisites in form of topics one would want to learn to get started with AngularJS Javascript framework in a faster and effective manner, and make the learning a fulfilling experience. These are based on my own AngularJS initial experiences which was inline with the popular “deeper learning curve” associated with AngularJS.  Please feel free to suggest further items if I have missed on any of the important ones. Here is the wiki page for Angular.   I, primarily being the Java Developer, wanted to play with Angular and other related Javascript frameworks. Thus, I got on to the AngularJS website and started playing and soon found …

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Java Interview Questions (Part 1) – Rookies Series

The article (first in the series) aims to present some tricky interview Java questions that could help you score high in your next Java interviews:    Programming fundamentals Question: What is difference between object-oriented programming and functional programming? Answer: Following pages present good perspective on the differences: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6720348/difference-between-oop-and-functional-programming-scheme http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?OoVsFunctional    Java Objects Question: What is difference between comparing two objects using equals method and “==” operator? Answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5848370/equals-and-operator-in-java Question: What is the significance of equals and hash method in Object class? Answer: http://www.javaworld.com/article/2074996/hashcode-and-equals-method-in-java-object—a-pragmatic-concept.html    Collections Question: What is difference between LinkedList and ArrayList? When would you want to use one and not the other? Answer: http://javarevisited.blogspot.in/2012/02/difference-between-linkedlist-vs.html Question: How come you …

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Top 5 Computing Fundamentals to Learn for a Prosperous 2014

Happy New Year 2014

For those of you looking to find out what will be good to learn in this new year, it would be OK to believe that computing fundamentals has become more important than ever before and it would be good to learn the same in 2014 rather than any of the programming languages such as java, .NET, or languages belonging to open-source stack. Following are some key computing fundamentals to focus upon in the coming year: Performance Engineering: As every business is planning to move their applications to cloud for various different reasons including cost-cutting measures, it has become much more important to write efficient application which makes the optimized usage …

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How to Design & Develop Cloud-Ready Applications?

Cloud Computing

I have come across many a  developers who were seen to have blank face when talked about the fundamentals on how to design and develop cloud ready applications. Taking a step back, most of them are still unaware of what is meaning of cloud computing and, do they require to acquire one or more specific skill sets to design and develop cloud ready applications? In short, a cloud-ready applications can be developed using any programming language. All that is required is to keep in mind few design and development fundamentals in this relation.  By the way, as per the technology trends for 2014 published by several analysts, it is high …

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Tips for Newbies to Choose between Technologies


Does the above picture include one of the programming languages you are planning to learn or have started learning? I have come across many a newbies frequently looking for answers to some of the following questions: Which technology will be most suitable for me from career perspective? Which technology will help me secure high-paying job? Which technology will I love to work with? Is development (coding) good for me or, I could also explore testing career? Should I go on to learn one of the programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, RoR etc, or should I learn one of the application packages such as that related with ecommerce (ATG, Hybris, …

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Preparing Fresher Developers for Billable Projects

Are you one of those project stakeholders/trainers who have been assigned the task to make the fresher developers become billable, meaning, customers paying for their time? This is a tricky one to crack as it is difficult to convince customers that a fresher developer would be able to deliver a great quality code given the lack of experience. As a matter of fact, fresher developers take pride in becoming billable after the training is over owing to the fact that they would be able to start learning from day one, prove his worth and, organization would be able to make optimum usage of his expertise. So, how do you crack …

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Top 5 Characteristics of a Great Fresher Developer

While handling various different teams of freshers in my career so far, following are top 5 characteristics I have come across in what I call as “great freshers developers“: Hard Work: When starting their career, developers need to put extra time in learning new things, and experiment with them. In addition to that, they need to catch up a lot on good practices of writing a software of good quality as no one would accept the software of compromised quality on the grounds that developer is a fresher. Patience: This is a virtue which most of the freshers lack. All of them are looking forward to start working on a …

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