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Support Vector Machine (SVM) Interview Questions – Set 1

neural networks interview questions

This quiz consists of questions and answers on Support Vector Machine (SVM). This is a practice test (objective questions and answers) that can be useful when preparing for interviews. The questions in this and upcoming practice tests could prove to be useful, primarily, for data scientists or machine learning interns/freshers/beginners. The questions are focused on some of the following areas: Introduction to SVM Types of SVM such as maximum-margin classifier, soft-margin classifier, support vector machine Some of the key SVM concepts to understand while preparing for the machine learning interviews are following: SVM concepts and objective functions SVM kernel functions, tricks Concepts of C and Gamma value Scikit learn libraries for …

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Data Science Architect Interview Questions

interview questions

In this post, you will learn about interview questions that can be asked if you are going for a data scientist architect job. Data science architect needs to have knowledge in both data science/machine learning and cloud architecture. In addition, it also helps if the person is hands-on with programming languages such as Python & R. Without further ado, let’s get into some of the common questions right away. I will add further questions in the time to come. Q. How do you go about architecting a data science or machine learning solution for any business problem? Solving a business problem using data science or machine learning based solution can …

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Bias & Variance Concepts & Interview Questions

Bias variance concepts and interview questions

In this post, you will learn about the the concepts of bias & variance in relation to the machine learning (ML) models. In addition to learning the concepts, you would also get a chance to take quiz which would help you prepare for data scientists / ML Engineer interviews. As data scientists / ML Engineer, you must get a good understanding of Bias and Variance concepts in order to build models that generalizes in a better manner or have lower generalization error. Bias & Variance of Machine Learning Models Bias of the model, intuitively speaking, can be defined as affinity of the model to make predictions or estimate based on only …

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Overfitting & Underfitting Concepts & Interview Questions

Overfitting and underfitting represented using Model error vs complexity plot

In this post, you will learn about some of the key concepts of overfitting and underfitting in relation to machine learning models. In addition, you will also get a chance to test you understanding by attempting the quiz. The quiz will help you prepare well for interview questions in relation to underfitting & overfitting. As data scientists, you must get a good understanding of the overfitting and underfitting concepts.  Introduction to Overfitting & Underfitting Assuming independent and identically distributed (I.I.d) dataset, when the prediction error on both the training and test dataset is high, the model is said to have underfit. This is called as underfitting the model or model …

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500+ Machine Learning Interview Questions

machine learning interview questions

This post consists of all the posts on this website in relation to interview questions / quizzes related to data science / machine learning topics.  These questions can prove to be helpful for the following: Product managers Data scientists Product Managers Interview Questions Find the questions for product managers on this page – Machine learning interview questions for product managers Data Scientists Interview Questions Here are posts representing 500+ interview questions which will be helpful for data scientists / machine learning engineers. You will find it useful as practise questions and answers while preparing for machine learning interview. Decision tree questions Machine learning validation techniques questions Neural networks questions – …

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Product Manager – Machine Learning Interview Questions

product manager interview questions for machine learning

In this post, you will learn about some of the interview questions which can be asked in the AI / machine learning based product manager / business analyst job.  Some of the questions listed in this post can also prove to be useful for the interview for the job position of director  or vice president, product management. The interview questions can be categorized based on some of the following topics: Machine learning high level concepts Identifying a problem as machine learning problems Identifying business metrics vs value generation Feature engineering Working with data science team in model development lifecycle Monitoring model performance Model performance metrics presentation to key stakeholders Setting up …

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Flutter Interview Questions for Beginners #1

flutter quiz time

This post is aimed to test your understanding on very basics of Flutter app development using most fundamental questions. It covers some of the following Flutter topics: Basic understanding of widgets and elements Basic understanding of stateful and stateless widgets

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GitFlow Workflow Best Practices & Quiz Questions

Gitflow Workflow - Master, Release, Develop, Feature

In this post, you will learn about some of the best practices in relation to managing your development and production releases using GitFlow Workflow. There will be a master branch which is called as an official repository. Forking a develop branch of the master: To start with, we will fork off another branch of the master which we may call as “develop”. This branch will act as an integration branch for features branches. NOTE: feature in features branches does not represent the features in machine learning. “Develop” branch will act as a parent to the feature branches. This means that developers would fork from “develop” branch and their changes are merged back into “develop” branch. In real-world scenarios, …

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15 Tricky DevOps Architect Interview Questions & Answers

DevOps Architect Interview Topics

In this post, you will learn about some of the questions (and answers) which could be asked in the DevOps Architect interview. The following are some of the topics you might want to cover for doing interview preparation for DevOps Architect position: DevOps & DevSecOps concepts Setting up DevOps implementation DevOps reference architecture DevOps reference implementation Continuous delivery concepts & reference architecture Technologies (Tools s& Frameworks) Here is a related diagram on topics which are useful for DevOps architect interview preparation. DevOps Architect Interview Q&A The following are some of the interview questions and answers for DevOps Architect: What is DevOps or DevSecOps? Ans: DevOps or DevSecOps can be defined …

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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers – Set 1

selenium interview questions and answers

In this post, you will take the objective test (interview questions and answers) to check your knowledge of Selenium. This could prove to be helpful in preparing for upcoming interviews related to Selenium automated testing. Selenium Quiz – Objective Questions and Answers Selenium Sample Interview Questions The following are some of the interview questions which can be prepared: What is the difference between Selenium 2 and Selenium 1? When would you want to use Selenium Grid? What are the different web element location strategies which are used to locate elements on the web page? What is the difference between Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver? What is the difference between andWait and waitFor …

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Elasticsearch Interview Questions & Answers – Set 1

elasticsearch interview questions and answers

In this post, you will learn about fundamentals and best practices with ElasticSearch based on the following: Revision notes on Elasticsearch fundamentals A set of questions to test your knowledge and, in turn, help you learn Elasticsearch concepts related to index and shards; These questions could as well help you prepare for interviews related to ElasticSearch A set of interview questions ElasticSearch Fundamentals – Revision Notes Each Elasticsearch shard is a Lucene index The number of shards and replicas can be defined per index at the time of creation of the index. The number of replicas per shard can later be changed. Shard in ElasticSearch is primarily a Lucene index …

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10 Spring Framework Interview Questions for Freshers

Spring framework interview questions for freshers

Spring Framework is one of the most popular and widely used Java frameworks which makes it very easy to create a Java application/web application using several out-of-box framework components provided by Spring. Thus, it is imperative that beginners starting to do Java web app would end up using Spring framework for building the app. From that perspective, it becomes of great importance for beginners to take note of some of the basic concepts related to which interview questions can be asked. In this post, you will learn some of the Spring framework fundamentals concepts which could be asked in form of interview questions and answers. These questions and answers may …

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Docker Certification Practice Questions – Dockerfile

docker certification

Docker allows applications to run securely while being isolated in a container, packaged with all its dependencies and libraries. It has become extremely popular virtualization technology of recent times. Thus, it makes it much more important to learn this technology and complement your developer’s experience as it not only enhances your productivity but also help you in your career from an overall perspective. Read this post in relation to why you should consider adopting docker sooner than later. In this post, you will take a practice test and learn the related notes in relation to building Docker image using Dockerfile. This and several other practice tests which will be published …

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Machine Learning – Validation Techniques (Interview Questions)

Validation techniques in machine learning are used to get the error rate of the ML model which can be considered as close to the true error rate of the population. In case the data volume is large enough to be representative of the population, you may not need the validation techniques. However, in real world scenario, we work with the sample of data which may not be the true representative of the population. This is where validation techniques come into the picture. In this post, you will briefly learn about different validation techniques such as following and also presented with practice test having questions and answers which could be used …

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Kubernetes Certification Practice Test (Storage Volumes)

kubernetes certification CKA exams questions

Kubernetes storage volumes is a very important concept in relation to how data is managed within a Pod (consisting of one or more containers) and also the data lifecycle. In this post, you will learn about some of the following in relation to Kubernetes storage volumes. There is a practice test which will help you test your knowledge in relation to the storage volumes concept in Kubernetes. This test could prove to be useful and helpful for Kubernetes certification examination for Certified Kubernetes Administration (CKA). It may also prove to be useful for interviews. Revision notes on Kubernetes storage volumes Practice test Revision Notes Kubernetes different volume types such as some of the following …

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Code Quality Interview Questions for Software Developers

software code quality interview questions

Code quality concepts must be understood well by software developers to write a good quality code. Also, technical lead and technical architects must understand the code quality (or coding) concepts very well in order to review the code (termed as code review) and ensure that good quality software is delivered to the customer. Pictorially, the following represents some of the experiences that software developers, tech leads or technical architects go through while developing software or reviewing software code quality. Enjoy the pictures :). Often code quality review of poorly written code results in lot of frustrations among project stakeholders. Thus, it is of utmost important to understand different nuances of writing code …

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