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How to install PyTorch on Anaconda

This is a quick post on how to install PyTorch on Anaconda and get started with deep learning projects. As a machine learning enthusiasts, this is the first step in getting started with PyTorch. I followed this steps on Mac Air and got started with PyTorch in no time. Here are the steps: Go to Anaconda tool. Click on “Environments” in the left navigation. Click on arrow marks on “base (root)” as shown in the diagram below. It will open up a small modal window as down. Click open terminal. This will open up a terminal window.   Execute the following command to set up PyTorch. Once done, go to Jupyter Notebook window and …

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Why Deep Learning is called Deep Learning?

What is deep learning

In this post, you will learn why deep learning is called as deep learning. You may recall that deep learning is a subfield of machine learning. One of the key difference between deep learning and machine learning is in the manner the representations / features of data is learnt. In machine learning, the representations of data need to be hand-crafted by the data scientists. In deep learning, the representations of data is learnt automatically as part of learning process. As a matter of fact, in deep learning, layered representations of data is learnt. The layered representations of data are learnt via models called as neural networks. The diagram below represents …

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