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6 Brainstorming Techniques for Generating Great Ideas

Mind mapping brainstorming ideas

When it comes to generating great ideas, brainstorming is one of the most effective techniques out there. But not all brainstorming sessions are created equal. In order for a brainstorming session to be successful, you need to use the right techniques. In this blog post, we will discuss 6 different types of brainstorming techniques and explain how they can help you come up with great ideas.  Nominal Group Technique (NGT) The nominal group technique (NGT) is defined as a brainstorming method where ideas are generated and voted upon in an organized manner. In NGT, teams brainstorm individually to come up with ideas, which are then discussed as a group. Each …

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Python DataFrame – Assign New Labels to Columns

Python Dataframe Columns - Labels assigned new value

In this post, you will get a code sample related to how to assign new labels to columns in python programming while training machine learning models.  This is going to be very helpful when working with classification machine learning problem. Many a time the labels for response or dependent variable are in text format and all one wants is to assign a number such as 0, 1, 2 etc instead of text labels. Beginner-level data scientists will find this code very handy. We will look at the code for the dataset as represented in the diagram below: In the above code, you will see that class labels are named as very_low, Low, High, Middle …

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How to Print Unique Values in Pandas Dataframe Columns

print unique column values in Pandas dataframe

A quick post representing code sample on how to print unique values in Dataframe columns in Pandas. Here is a data frame comprising of oil prices on different dates which column such as year comprising of repeated/duplicate value of years. In the above data frame, the requirement is to print the unique value of year column. Here is the code for same. Note the method unique()

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Pandas – How to Extract Month & Year from Datetime

how to extract month and year from datetime

This is a quick post representing code sample related to how to extract month & year from datetime column of DataFrame in Pandas. The code sample is shown using the sample data, BrentOilPrices downloaded from this Kaggle data page. Here is the code to load the data frame. Check the data type of the data using the following code: The output looks like the following: Date object Price float64 dtype: object Use the following command to change the date data type from object to datetime and extract the month and year. Printing data using head command would print the following:

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Solution – Macbook Air Stuck at Progress Bar Loading

mac air stuck progress bar loading

In this post, you will learn about the solution related to Mac Air Stuck at Progress Bar Loading. The reason I am doing this post is that my Mac Air had been showing the same behavior for the last several months and I was able to finally fix it. I am hoping that the solution does help someone. Anyways, in the whole process, I started my Mac Air several times in voice-over mode and became expert at it. Commands/Solutions which didn’t work I contacted Apple customer service two times and they said that it looks to be a software problem after I tried all the steps they suggested. I was asked to …

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Blockchain – Opportunities & Risks for Financial Institutions

blockchain lessons for MBA students

Here is a good white paper/research report published by European Banking Authority (EBA) detailing out the opportunities and risks associated with the adoption of Blockchain in relation to financial institutions. Report on risks and opportunities arising for financial institutions due to FinTech Use cases related to some of the following are described: Usage of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and smart contracts for trade finance Use of DLT to streamline customer due diligence (CDD) processes In this use case, the “digital identity” concept is explored and described.  

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Andrew NG Contribution to AI – Lectures, Interviews

Andrew NG

This post is aimed at listing down some of the great work that Andrew NG has done in the field of AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc): Courses Deep learning specialization course Machine learning course on Coursera Machine learning 112 lectures on Youtube Publications and Research Projects AI publications by Andrew NG Research projects in recent past Books recommended by Andrew NG in relation to his course: Artificial intelligence – Principles and Techniques Artificial intelligence – A modern approach (Russell and Norvig) Probabilistic graphical models (Koller and Friedman) An introduction to reinforcement learning (Sutton and Barto) The elements of statistical learning (Hastie, Tibshirani, and Friedman) Foundations of constraint satisfaction (Tsang) …

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Blockchain Architect – Top 20 Project Implementation Considerations

blockchain architect project implementation

When everyone is considering implementation different projects using Blockchain (distributed ledger) technology, it becomes key for Blockchain architects and leaders to pay attention to some of the key considerations including challenges related with blockchain projects implementation. On the lighter note, the comic strip below is a representation of the need for Blockchain architects required to get into several details including different architecture considerations before starting on a blockchain projects. In this post, you will learn about key considerations to be made by Blockchain architects and leads before starting on the Blockchain projects. Blockchain Project Implementation – Key Considerations Learning from similar project implementations: Analysis of blockchain-related implementations in similar and/or …

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Blockchain Use case: Monitoring Global Climate Change

blockchain usecase climate change

United Nations Climate Change secretariat recently announced that it would be supporting usage of distributed ledger technology (DLT) aka Blockchain for monitoring global climate change. In this relation, on 12 December 2017 in Paris, a multi-stakeholder group of 25 organizations working on distributed ledger technology (DLT, i.e. blockchain) held a meeting to agree to collaborate and establish an open global initiative called the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC). Given that Global climate change is an issue which needs a lot of trust and transparency between participating countries, Blockchain technology forms the key. Here is a comic strip which represents the same.   In this post, you will learn about aspects of climate …

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Electron uses Blockchain Technology for innovating Energy Sector

electron innovates with Blockchain technology

Electron, a blockchain-based startup out of UK, is innovating in the energy sector for enabling the energy creators (such as micro-grids and mini-grids) to trade energy with those requiring energy while ensuring data security, transparency and traceability/provenance. The company has got experts from the areas of blockchain energy and e-trading coming together and building innovative products for achieving some of the following objectives in relation to energy creation and trading: Decentralization: The idea is that Energy production and distribution should no longer be limited to the large enterprises (especially government ones). Given the ease with which one can generate renewable energy sources such as sun and wind, one should be …

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Startups – Varo Money uses AI to Improve Customers Financial Health

Varo Money AI powered mobile banking products

Varo Money, a fintech startup, is using AI (machine learning) along with mobile banking to improve customers’ financial health. It recently raised $45 million from a private equity giant, Warburg Pincus and The Rise Fund, a global impact fund. The following are some of the features of Varo Money product which looks to have been created using machine learning algorithms/techniques. Predict cashflow projections for informed spending: This is one of the key features of Varo Money AI-powered product. A supervised learning problem which could be solved using multilinear regression analysis. The underlying machine learning model could take into account some of the following features to predict the cashflow in near …

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Cryptocurrency – Technology behind Ledger Hardware Wallet Blue

Ledger, a french cryptocurrency start-up has raised $75 million for taking their hardware wallets for securing storage and transactions of cryptocurrencies around the world, and, also invest further in research and development programs. The primary goal of these hardware wallets is to store the cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and ethereum holdings offline to remove the risk of being hacked. The following are couple of products by ledger in relation to securely storing and transacting cryptocurrencies: Ledger Blue (Bitcoins) Ledger Nano S (Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies) In this post, you will learn about the technology behind Ledger’s Hardware Wallet product, namely, Ledger Wallet Blue. In one of the …

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QISKit and IBM-QX for Running Quantum Computing Applications

GISKit and IBMQ Experience for Quantum Computing.png

IBM-Q is IBM’s initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science. IBM-Q currently recommends using QISKit and Quantum Composer for building quantum computing experiments, programs and applications which could run on real quantum computing hardware provided by IBM cloud. The details on how to get started with building and running Quantum applications can be provided on IBM’s website, IBM Q Experience (IBM-QX). In this article, let’s look at further details in relation with QISKit SDK. QISKit SDK for building Quantum Computing applications IBM-Q recommends Python software development kit (SDK) namely Quantum Information Software Kit (QISKit) which can be used for building programs, applications that could run on IBM quantum computers (quantum computing hardware). Here are some reference links: Github page on QISKit: COnsists …

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15+ Blockchain Jobs Designations for Your Next Blockchain Hire

Blockchain Job Designations

Given that Blockchain has gone mainstream, companies are now hiring blockchain developers at all levels such as following: Blockchain Development Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer Principal Software Engineer Staff Software Engineer Infrastructure Engineer Visual Designer Blockchain Technology Leadership Solution Architect, Application Architect, Lead Architect, Consultant Technology Lead Blockchain Project/Program Management Project Lead Program Manager Practice Head Business Development Business development (VP) Blockchain Job Designations from Below are some of the designations in relation to Blockchain application development whose jobs can be found on Blockchain Developer: Other designations similar to this one are following: Blockchain Software Engineer Blockchain Engineer Blockchain Platform Developer Full-stack Developer (Blockchain) IT Blockchain Engineer Blockchain Developer …

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Top 5 Java Rule Engine for 2017-2018

Java rule engine 2017 2018

This is a list of top 5 rules engine which can be used in your Java application. Out of below 5 frameworks, Drools is the most popular one. Popularity Rule Engine Summary 1 Drools A Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solution which provides a core business rules engine (BRE), a web authoring and rules management application (Drools Workbench) and an Eclipse IDE plugin for core development 2 OpenRules A general purpose business rules and decision management system 3 EasyRules EasyRules provides the Rule abstraction to create rules with conditions and actions, and the RulesEngine API that runs through a set of rules to evaluate conditions and execute actions. 4 JLisa A Clips-like Rule engine accessible from …

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CareNGrow powers Preventive Healthcare Platform with AI & Cloud-Computing

Carengrow powers Preventive healthcare platform using AI and cloud computing

CareNGrow is building a preventive healthcare platform based on AI and cloud-computing technologies. One of the goals is creating and monitoring the physical, psychological, and behavioural health profile of children in schools. The following represents key workflow steps which is implemented while examining a kid / child: Data gathering Transfer data over internet to cloud Feed the data into the analytics platform Perform the data analysis (Predictive Analytics) Generate health reports This is a brainchild of a young doctor, Dr. Meghana Kambham. CareNGrow is already making waves in different startup competitions owing to the work they have been doing. In this relation, they have been announced as one of the UberExchange winners. Check …

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