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How to Print Unique Values in Pandas Dataframe Columns

print unique column values in Pandas dataframe

A quick post representing code sample on how to print unique values in Dataframe columns in Pandas. Here is a data frame comprising of oil prices on different dates which column such as year comprising of repeated/duplicate value of years. In the above data frame, the requirement is to print the unique value of year column. Here is the code for same. Note the method unique()

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Python Quick Coding Tutorials for Experienced Developers

python tutorials for experienced developers

Learning Python has taken centerstage for many developers as Python is one of the key language for working in the field of data science/machine learning. If you are an experienced developer, this post would help you quickly get started with Python programming. In this post, you will quickly learn some of the following in relation to Python programming: Data types Input/output operations Defining functions Conditional expressions Looping constructs String functions Defining Module Defining Classes Exception handling Python Programming Concepts Data types: Python interprets and declares variables when they are equated to a value. The following represents how variables are casted to specific data types. float(variable): Casts variable to float int(variable): …

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