Python – How to install mlxtend in Anaconda

Add Channel and Install Mlxtend using Conda Install

In this post, you will quickly learn about how to install mlxtend python package while you are working with Anaconda Jupyter Notebook.

Mlxtend (machine learning extensions) is a Python library of useful tools for the day-to-day data science tasks. This library is created by Dr. Sebastian Raschka, an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison focusing on deep learning and machine learning research.

Here is the instruction for installing within your Anaconda. 

  • Add a channel namely conda-forge by clicking on Channels button and then Add button.

    Add Channel and Install Mlxtend using Conda Install

    Fig 1. Add Channel and Install Mlxtend using Conda Install

  • Open a command prompt and execute the following command:

    conda install mlxtend –channel Conda-forge

  • Once installed, launch a Jupyter Notebook and try importing the following. This should work fine.

    from mlxtend.plotting import plot_decision_regions
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