How to use Sklearn Datasets For Machine Learning

In this post, you wil learn about how to use Sklearn datasets for training machine learning models. Here is a list of different types of datasets which are available as part of sklearn.datasets
  • Iris (Iris plant datasets used – Classification)
  • Boston (Boston house prices – Regression)
  • Wine (Wine recognition set – Classification)
  • Breast Cancer (Breast cancer wisconsin diagnostic – Classification)
  • Digits (Optical recognition of handwritten digits dataset – Classification)
  • Linnerud (Linnerrud dataset – Classification)
  • Diabetes (Diabetes – Regression)
The following command could help you load any of the datasets:
from sklearn import datasets
iris = datasets.load_iris()
boston = datasets.load_boston()
breast_cancer = datasets.load_breast_cancer()
diabetes = datasets.load_diabetes()
wine = datasets.load_wine()
digits = datasets.load_digits()

All of the datasets come with the following and are intended for use with supervised learning:
  • Data (to be used for training)
  • Labels (Target)
  • Labels attriibute
  • Description of the dataset
The following command can be used for accessing the value of above:
# Let's use IRIS as an example for reading different aspects of data

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