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AIndra uses AI to Solve Cervical Carcinoma Cancer

Aindra uses AI to solve Cervical Cancer

AIndra, a Bengaluru-based startup is into the business of building innovative products and technologies to aid computational pathology. Established in 2014, AIndra’s vision is to build state of the art medical devices for screening Cervical Carcinoma. This article is created solely based on my analysis of information found on AIndra’s website. The objective is to make readers aware of some of the following technologies AIndra is using and, how they can be used to solve healthcare problems, in general. The goal is provide food for thought to the readers such that they can use some of these technologies in their future startups. Computation Pathology Telepathology If you work in AIndra, please feel …

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Blockchain Usecase – Airline Booking and Baggage Tracking

Blockchain usecase for airline booking and baggage tracking

Blockchain is all out there to disrupt different industries requiring greater security (trust), traceability and transparency. Be it supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, real-estate, energy, airline industry etc. Here is another Blockchain use case in relation with Airline booking, baggage tracking, putting travel itinerary on Blockchain. Airlines such as Air New Zealand and Luftansa is exploring Blockchain to enhance / improve security and efficiency of services such as booking (rebooking) and baggage tracking. Blockchain would help connect suppliers such as airlines and hotels directly to sellers, allowing companies to bypass third-party vendors. Both Airline companies such as Air New Zealand and Luftansa has entered into strategic partnership with Winding Tree, a …

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Blockchain Usecase – Air Cargo Industry (Supply-chain)

Blockchain POC flydubai Aircargo Dnata

Blockchain is being aggressively pursued by business owners and technology / business evangelists in order to determine if it would help business grow in addition to bringing competitive edge as a result of technology benefits provided by the Blockchain. Recently, a Blockchain proof-of-concept (POC) is successfully completed by Dnata, a provider of air and travel services in the Middle East. They evaluated the Blockchain potential in Dubai Air Cargo industry. The following company participated in the Blockchain POC: DNata flydubai Cargo IBM Blockchain Technology Benefits As a result of Blockchain POC, following benefits were realized: Elimination of redundant data Enhance visibility and transparency for all stakeholders Business Goal vis-a-vis Business …

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Top 6 IT Automation Framework for DevOps (2017-2018)

Google Trends - IT Automation Framework for DevOps

This page lists down top 6 IT automation framework which can be used to achieve DevOps goals in relation with IT automation. Chef: Chef claims to achieve speed, scale, and consistency by automating the infrastructure. Ansible: Open-source framework in order to scale automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity. Puppet: Puppet claims to achieve IT automation in relation with delivering and operating software. CFEngine: Open-source light-weight automation fraemwork for automating large-scale, complex and mission critical IT infrastructure. It claims that it is known for its speed, stability, security and scalability. SaltStack: IT automation framework for DevOps RunDeck Trends for IT Automation Tools (2017) Below represents the trends of Chef, Puppet …

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Top 13 Online Platforms providing IT Courses

Online Courses Reskilling

In this age when everyone is talking about reskilling and upskilling, online platforms such as, Khan Academy has taken a strong foothold in providing online education to knowledge seekers worldwide. The following is a list of some of the most popular online platforms or websites/web apps which can be used for self-paced learning or training or reskilling yourself in different technologies including AI (machine learning), Web and Mobile programming languages and related frameworks, Blockchain, Virtual Reality etc. Please feel free to suggest one or more online platforms which I did not mention. Coursera – Khan Academy – Codecademy – edX – Udacity – Udemy …

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Blockchain Usecase – Freelancer to Benefit Lot More

Blockchain has been revolutionizing different kind of businesses including financial, banking, supply chain management etc. Given the very nature of this Blockchain technology, it is also going to disrupt freelance industry benefiting mostly the freelancers. And, this blockchain network implementation most probably looks to be a public blockchain which can be implemented using platform such as ethereum. Following are some of the platforms which are already working on this idea of using Blockchain for freelancing: Ethlance is a first of its kind platform for connecting freelancers and developers. It has its database running completely on Ethereum public blockchain and front-end source files distributed on IPFS, that means it’s completely …

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Top 3 Javascript Frameworks for 2018 – Angular, ReactJS, VueJS

From trends data retrieved from sources such as Google, Stackoverflow etc., it is seeming as if the javascript framework of choice for developing your next web app has to be in one of the following. As of today, these are top three javascript frameworks trending on Google, Stackoverflow etc. Angular/AngularJS ReactJS VueJS Google Web Search Trends – Angular, ReactJS, VueJS StackOverflow Q&A Trends – Angular, ReactJS, VueJS

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Oct 2017 – Angular Vs ReactJS – Which one was Popular?

This page represents the popularity of Angular vs ReactJS in October 2017 from different sources including Google Trends etc. It is evident that Angular is seeing greater adoption followed by ReactJS. It is also interesting to note from search keywords trends that Vue.js. Another key observation is the interview questions which developers are seeking in relation with Angular. Google Trends – Angular vs ReactJS Google Popular Search Keywords – Angular vs ReactJS

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Cloud Platform Trends (Oct 2017) – AWS Wins

StackOverflow Q&A trends for Cloud Platforms

This blog represents the cloud platform trends for the month of Octobar 2017 with primary focus on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. The clear winner is AWS. Job Postings Trends Following represents job posting trends on the popular portal, Search Trends The following represents Google search trends for cloud platforms: StackOverflow Q&A Trends The following represents Stackoverflow Q&A trends for cloud platforms:

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Top 6 Freelance Jobs Websites for 2016-2017

This article represents top 6 websites (for the year 2016-2017) where job seekers could find freelance jobs, assignments or projects. Those working in IT and software industry (especially web or UI/UX developers and designers)  will find them very useful. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important websites. Also, sorry for the typos. Top 5 Freelance Websites List Following is the list of website (in order) Upwork Fiverr Freelancer Guru FlexJobs PeoplePerHour Find below the Google Trends on above websites:  

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JArchitect Version 4.0 on Mac OSX is GA for Download

Version 4.0 of JArchitect on Mac OSX is now available for anyone wishing to download and try it. JArchitect manage complex code base and achieve high Code Quality. With JArchitect, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules via CQLinq queries. Features in JArchitect v4.0 include: A dashboard panel that shows the state of the current code base at a glance as well as a comparison to a baseline. Monitoring trends on 50 default “Trend Metrics” as well as custom trend metrics. These can be displayed through Trend Charts. Focus on recent rules violations (by using filters) that occur …

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9 Online Developer Academies for Regular & Consistent Learning

The article presents a comprehensive list of online developer academies that provide FREE courses (90% of cases) on different topics related with web and mobile technologies that may prove to be very useful for developers at large. If I missed on making a mention of one or more other interesting portals, please shout out loud and I shall include them in the list below. Lets quickly look at what are the benefits of using one or more of these portals for learning & practicing (in some cases such as software development topics: On-demand learning to learn at our own pace Structured learning New topics introduced at regular intervals Learning …

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Why Facebook’s Hack May Fail to Fly With PHP Developers?

Well, for those innocent souls, I must make it clear that the title of this article has no intentions to point out that Facebook is hacked or so? This is actually about the new programming language, HACK, that Facebook officially launched few days back. Overview of Hack Language Before I go on to write further, I must thank the Facebook engineering team to have rightfully identified some of the short-comings of PHP programming language and tried to present solutions to them using Hack programming language. However, while I was going through the changes that they made by adding new features to PHP and made it as Hack language, I wondered whether …

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Why & When Use Java 8 Compact Profiles?

The article presents a perspective on different aspects of compact profiles in Java 8 including relevance of this feature in the first place and, when would you want to use it. As I am also getting up to speed with compact profiles, I do understand that there could be further detail to it that I might have missed and thus, would appreciate if you could share your perspectives as well. What is Compact Profile? As defined on Oracle compact profile overview page, compact profile enable reduced memory footprint for applications that do not require the entire Java platform. In Java 8 release, compact profiles provide three different groupings of libraries …

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Java Developers Readiness to Get Started with Java 8 Release

The article represents different set of information that Java developers (working on 5, 6, 7 versions) may need to learn prior to getting started and make best use of Java 8 features. In case, you feel there are other topics that developers need to look beforehand, please suggest. Following are different concepts which Java developers working with earlier versions of Java need to understand very clearly in order to get started comfortably with Java 8 features. Functional programming concepts Learning functional programming concepts would help you learn Java 8 flagship feature such as Lambda expressions. In short, Lambda expressions helps you treat functionality (represented as code) as data which you …

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How to Convert Your Existing TV to a Smart TV in $35

The article represents what would it take to convert your existing TV to a smart TV that shows you TV programs and also helps your checkout your favorite online videos from In India, the chromecast device is sold in online store for Rs. 3250 on this day. What is Smart TV? As explained on Wikipedia, A smart TV, sometimes referred to as connected TV or hybrid TV, (not to be confused with IPTV, Internet TV, or with Web TV), describes a trend of integration of the Internet and Web 2.0 features into television sets and set-top boxes, as well as the technological convergence between computers and television sets and set-top boxes. Read it further here. Simply speaking, Smart TV would have some of the …

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