Blockchain Usecase – Freelancer to Benefit Lot More

Blockchain has been revolutionizing different kind of businesses including financial, banking, supply chain management etc. Given the very nature of this Blockchain technology, it is also going to disrupt freelance industry benefiting mostly the freelancers. And, this blockchain network implementation most probably looks to be a public blockchain which can be implemented using platform such as ethereum.

Following are some of the platforms which are already working on this idea of using Blockchain for freelancing:

Here are some of the reasons why freelancing would benefit from Blockchain.

Fees: Pay minimal fees to the centralized system

Portals such as charges a bomb to freelancers for every penny earnt through their platform. With a decentralized system such as blockchain, buyers would be able to pass the entire benefit to freelancers with a very little fee to Blockchain governing network/ miners.

Security: Secured data with greater trust

Given the fact that Blockchain uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) for storing data in distributed ledgers maintained by Blockchain network participants, it is a lot more secured than storing data in a centralized database which once comprised can lead to huge data loss.

Trust & Transparency: Greater trust/transparency between buyers and sellers

Review comments and ratings can be tracked easily by anyone with the trust that they have not been manipulated by anyone.

Payment in Crypto-currency: Ability to accept crypto-currency

Ability to get paid in crypto-currencies is another factor which would start lot many freelancers to such centralized system.

Here is an interesting article on the related topic, Blockchain to benefit freelancers.




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