Top 6 IT Automation Framework for DevOps (2017-2018)

Google Trends - IT Automation Framework for DevOps

This page lists down top 6 IT automation framework which can be used to achieve DevOps goals in relation with IT automation.

  • Chef: Chef claims to achieve speed, scale, and consistency by automating the infrastructure.
  • Ansible: Open-source framework in order to scale automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity.
  • Puppet: Puppet claims to achieve IT automation in relation with delivering and operating software.
  • CFEngine: Open-source light-weight automation fraemwork for automating large-scale, complex and mission critical IT infrastructure. It claims that it is known for its speed, stability, security and scalability.
  • SaltStack: IT automation framework for DevOps
  • RunDeck

Trends for IT Automation Tools (2017)

Below represents the trends of Chef, Puppet and Ansible taken from Stackoverflow.

StakcOverflow Trends - IT automation framework for DevOps

Figure 1. StackOverflow Trends – IT automation framework for DevOps

Below is the Google trends for Pupper, Ansible and SaltStack.

Google Trends - IT Automation Framework for DevOps

Figure 2. Google Trends – IT Automation Framework for DevOps

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