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15 Tricky DevOps Architect Interview Questions & Answers

DevOps Architect Interview Topics

In this post, you will learn about some of the questions (and answers) which could be asked in the DevOps Architect interview. The following are some of the topics you might want to cover for doing interview preparation for DevOps Architect position: DevOps & DevSecOps concepts Setting up DevOps implementation DevOps reference architecture DevOps reference implementation Continuous delivery concepts & reference architecture Technologies (Tools s& Frameworks) Here is a related diagram on topics which are useful for DevOps architect interview preparation. DevOps Architect Interview Q&A The following are some of the interview questions and answers for DevOps Architect: What is DevOps or DevSecOps? Ans: DevOps or DevSecOps can be defined …

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Blockchain Architect – Top 20 Project Implementation Considerations

blockchain architect project implementation

When everyone is considering implementation different projects using Blockchain (distributed ledger) technology, it becomes key for Blockchain architects and leaders to pay attention to some of the key considerations including challenges related with blockchain projects implementation. On the lighter note, the comic strip below is a representation of the need for Blockchain architects required to get into several details including different architecture considerations before starting on a blockchain projects. In this post, you will learn about key considerations to be made by Blockchain architects and leads before starting on the Blockchain projects. Blockchain Project Implementation – Key Considerations Learning from similar project implementations: Analysis of blockchain-related implementations in similar and/or …

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Where do these SOA Transformation projects come from?

If you have been working on one of those SOA transformation projects as an technical architect, some of you might as well have wondered on the very fact as to what is the origin of such projects? Why companies invest on these initiatives? From where do they know that they would require to transform their application landscape into services based on SOA and much more. The answer to the above question lies with enterprise architecture initiatives and various enterprise architects who would have worked on it. Why EA initiatives in the first place? Lets look at some of the following pain-points which may lead to EA initiatives: A large enterprise …

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Enterprise Architecture: What is it?

If you have been solution or technical architect, have you ever wondered what would it take for you to become enterprise architect? Have you thought on what is definition of enterprise architect? Simply speaking, an enterprise architect is a person who is responsible for creating and managing enterprise IT architecture in relation with business capabilities of an organization. One of his sole responsibilities is to ensure the business-IT alignment in a consistent and sustained manner thereby maximizing the ROI on business investments on IT. What are some of the key activities/tasks undertaken by an enterprise architect? AS-IS architecture TO-BE architecture Gaps Analysis Migration Road map To successfully perform above activities, …

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