Blockchain Usecase – Air Cargo Industry (Supply-chain)

Blockchain POC flydubai Aircargo Dnata

Blockchain is being aggressively pursued by business owners and technology / business evangelists in order to determine if it would help business grow in addition to bringing competitive edge as a result of technology benefits provided by the Blockchain. Recently, a Blockchain proof-of-concept (POC) is successfully completed by Dnata, a provider of air and travel services in the Middle East. They evaluated the Blockchain potential in Dubai Air Cargo industry. The following company participated in the Blockchain POC:

Blockchain Technology Benefits

As a result of Blockchain POC, following benefits were realized:

  • Elimination of redundant data
  • Enhance visibility and transparency for all stakeholders

Business Goal vis-a-vis Business Usecase / Problem Statement

The ultimate business goal has been to achieve greater security, efficiency and cost savings to our customers. The primary usecase / problem statement was to manage and track the paper trail of cargo containers by digitizing the supply chain. In this use case, blockchain provided the technology advantage in relation with inability of any single party to modify, delete or even edit any one of the blocks without the consensus from others on the network. The details can be read from this page

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