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Flutter Interview Questions for Beginners #1

flutter quiz time

This post is aimed to test your understanding on very basics of Flutter app development using most fundamental questions. It covers some of the following Flutter topics: Basic understanding of widgets and elements Basic understanding of stateful and stateless widgets

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GitFlow Workflow Best Practices & Quiz Questions

Gitflow Workflow - Master, Release, Develop, Feature

In this post, you will learn about some of the best practices in relation to managing your development and production releases using GitFlow Workflow. There will be a master branch which is called as an official repository. Forking a develop branch of the master: To start with, we will fork off another branch of the master which we may call as “develop”. This branch will act as an integration branch for features branches. NOTE: feature in features branches does not represent the features in machine learning. “Develop” branch will act as a parent to the feature branches. This means that developers would fork from “develop” branch and their changes are merged back into “develop” branch. In real-world scenarios, …

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Learning Blockchain – Free Online Courses & Training – 1

learning blockchain technology

This is the first blog representing a series of posts on enabling you to learn Blockchain online. Such posts would also represent some interesting projects for you to learn the different aspects of Blockchain implementation. This post is aimed to represent some links in relation to learning Blockchain concepts vis-a-vis free online courses, training. (Learning) Center for Blockchain Research (CBR) by Stanford: The following are free textbook and Coursera course on Cryptography: Free online Cryptography course on Coursera Free online textbook on applied cryptography (Case Study) Distributed Contracting Blockchain Network by Microsoft & EY: The diagram below demonstrates the following different aspects of blockchain: Permissioned blockchain registering entertainment, gaming industry …

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Kerala to lead Blockchain Training in India

kerala blockchain training India

Kerala becomes the first Indian state to set up a goal of providing Blockchain training creating to IT community stakeholders (primarily students) and create 25000 Blockchain professionals in 3 years time frame. They have designed a program called ABCD (Accelerated Blockchain Competency Development) Programme which comprise of courses such as following: Foundation training programme aimed to provide training in skills such as HTML, MEAN stack, GoLang etc. This programme comprises of 82 Hrs of classroom training and around 42 Hrs on self-learning activities (total of 124 hrs over a period of 6 months for students, 1 month for graduates and 6 weeks for working professionals). The course fee is Rs. …

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Lessons on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency for MBA Students

blockchain lessons for MBA students

Given that both, financial and non-financial businesses are trying to figure out how they could use Blockchain to impact their business in a positive manner, it is becoming imperative for MBA students to learn the basics of Blockchain & related technologies. The following are some of the topics which could be included in the course-curriculum for MBA courses related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blockchain fundamentals Distributed ledger technology (DLT) Types of Blockchains (public, private/permissioned) Terminologies such as a unit of value, transaction, a block of transaction Consensus algorithms Authentication mechanisms for permissioned blockchain Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, EOS, Multichain etc. Smart Contracts Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ether & Others Hard forks such as Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency exchanges Initial …

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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers – Set 1

selenium interview questions and answers

In this post, you will take the objective test (interview questions and answers) to check your knowledge of Selenium. This could prove to be helpful in preparing for upcoming interviews related to Selenium automated testing. Selenium Quiz – Objective Questions and Answers Selenium Sample Interview Questions The following are some of the interview questions which can be prepared: What is the difference between Selenium 2 and Selenium 1? When would you want to use Selenium Grid? What are the different web element location strategies which are used to locate elements on the web page? What is the difference between Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver? What is the difference between andWait and waitFor …

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Elasticsearch Interview Questions & Answers – Set 1

Python interview questions and answers

In this post, you will learn about fundamentals and best practices with ElasticSearch based on the following: Revision notes on Elasticsearch fundamentals A set of questions to test your knowledge and, in turn, help you learn Elasticsearch concepts related to index and shards; These questions could as well help you prepare for interviews related to ElasticSearch A set of interview questions ElasticSearch Fundamentals – Revision Notes Each Elasticsearch shard is a Lucene index The number of shards and replicas can be defined per index at the time of creation of the index. The number of replicas per shard can later be changed. Shard in ElasticSearch is primarily a Lucene index …

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10 Spring Framework Interview Questions for Freshers

Spring framework interview questions for freshers

Spring Framework is one of the most popular and widely used Java frameworks which makes it very easy to create a Java application/web application using several out-of-box framework components provided by Spring. Thus, it is imperative that beginners starting to do Java web app would end up using Spring framework for building the app. From that perspective, it becomes of great importance for beginners to take note of some of the basic concepts related to which interview questions can be asked. In this post, you will learn some of the Spring framework fundamentals concepts which could be asked in form of interview questions and answers. These questions and answers may …

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5 Reasons to get Docker Certified Associate Certification

docker certified associate dca certification

Docker certification is about passing Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam and getting recognition for your Docker skills. The following are some of the benefits mentioned on the Docker certification page. Recognition for your Docker skills with an official Docker credential Digital certificate and use of the Docker Certified Associate logo Exclusive access to the Docker Certified professional network on LinkedIn and invites to certified-only events However, I believe there is much more to why developers should consider going through the Docker certification exam preparation, if not, take the exam and get certified. In this post, I would like to present some perspectives in relation to Docker certification. In the process, …

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Docker Certification Practice Questions – Dockerfile

docker certification

Docker allows applications to run securely while being isolated in a container, packaged with all its dependencies and libraries. It has become extremely popular virtualization technology of recent times. Thus, it makes it much more important to learn this technology and complement your developer’s experience as it not only enhances your productivity but also help you in your career from an overall perspective. Read this post in relation to why you should consider adopting docker sooner than later. In this post, you will take a practice test and learn the related notes in relation to building Docker image using Dockerfile. This and several other practice tests which will be published …

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Kubernetes Certification Practice Test (Storage Volumes)

kubernetes certification CKA exams questions

Kubernetes storage volumes is a very important concept in relation to how data is managed within a Pod (consisting of one or more containers) and also the data lifecycle. In this post, you will learn about some of the following in relation to Kubernetes storage volumes. There is a practice test which will help you test your knowledge in relation to the storage volumes concept in Kubernetes. This test could prove to be useful and helpful for Kubernetes certification examination for Certified Kubernetes Administration (CKA). It may also prove to be useful for interviews. Revision notes on Kubernetes storage volumes Practice test Revision Notes Kubernetes different volume types such as some of the following …

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Blockchain Architect – A Sample Job Description

blockchain architect job description

Blockchain application development is going mainstream, and hence, would be requiring professionals with different roles and responsibilities including Blockchain architect, Blockchain developer etc. You may want to check out different Blockchain job designations on this page. The following is a list of points which can be made part of job description for Blockchain architect and related designations such as Blockchain platform architect, Blockchain solution architect, Blockchain lead architect etc. Demonstrate good understanding of Blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, consensus algorithms Good understanding of different types of Blockchain such as public, private/permissioned, public permissioned etc. Good understanding of Blockchain framework such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum (Solidity) Good understanding of various …

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Kubernetes – Practice Test / Interview Q&A on Service Discovery

kubernetes service discovery

This article represents concepts, revision / quick notes, and practice or sample test/interview questions and answers on Service Discovery topic of Kubernetes. These notes, Q&A could provide to be helpful for those appearing for Kubernetes administrator certification exams (CKA). Revision Notes – Service Discovery Kubernetes supports the following two modes of service discovery: Environment variable DNS Service environment details can be set based on the following format. Service name needs to be in uppercase. {SVCNAME}_SERVICE_HOST {SVCNAME}_SERVICE_PORT When using environment variables for service discovery, it is a mandate that the services must be created prior to the pods which want to access those services. DNS server creates a set of records for each service discovered via watching Kubernetes APIs. Services of type ExternalName can only be accessed …

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Hyperledger Fabric Transaction Flow (Interview Q&A & Notes)

hyperledger fabric transaction flow

This article represents concepts in relation to, how does a transaction flow in Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network, in form of notes and interview questions and answers. Those appearing for Hyperledger Fabric interview would find the questions and notes very useful for quick brush-up. Hyperledger Fabric is a platform for distributed ledger solutions. The following represents key participants in Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network who are involved in the transaction flow right from the initiation of transaction proposal to committing a transaction into the distributed ledger. Application: Gets involved in following capacity: Sends the transaction proposal to endorsing peers Receives the transaction results from endorsing peers Broadcasts the transaction message to ordering service Endorsing peers: Do some of the …

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Hyperledger Fabric Distributed Ledger – Interview Questions / Notes

hyperledger fabric distributed ledger interview questions

This article represents practice test / interview questions and answers and revision notes on Hyperledger Fabric Distributed Ledger**. These questions and answers can prove to be very helpful to check your knowledge on Hyperledger Fabric if you are appearing for Hyperledger Fabric interview in near future. Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source framework for building distributed ledger solutions. The distributed ledger is maintained by every peer participating in the network. It is stored as a combination of a transaction logs and a world state database (key-value pairs). Revision Notes – Hyperledger Fabric Distributed Ledger Concepts The distributed ledger is a combination of following: Blockchain to store immutable ordered/sequenced records; It is stored in form of transaction logs and stored in peers’ file system (local …

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Hyperledger Fabric Introduction – Interview Questions / Revision Notes

hyperledger fabric introduction

This article represents practice test and revision notes on Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric. These questions and answers can prove to be very helpful to check your knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric if you are appearing for Hyperledger Fabric interview in near future. Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source framework for building distributed ledger solutions. The unique thing about Hyperledger Fabric is that it supports pluggable implementations of different components such as identity management, consensus algorithm etc. Revision notes on Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric Hyperledger Fabric can be used for creating private and permissionless Blockchain network. Blockchain Participants – Membership Members join Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network using Membership Service Provider (MSP) service. Hyperledger Fabric allows custom MSP to be plugged. Distributed Ledger – Data and Database Hyperledger Fabric allows ledger data to be stored …

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