5 Reasons to get Docker Certified Associate Certification

docker certified associate dca certification

Docker certification is about passing Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam and getting recognition for your Docker skills. The following are some of the benefits mentioned on the Docker certification page.

  • Recognition for your Docker skills with an official Docker credential
  • Digital certificate and use of the Docker Certified Associate logo
  • Exclusive access to the Docker Certified professional network on LinkedIn and invites to certified-only events

However, I believe there is much more to why developers should consider going through the Docker certification exam preparation, if not, take the exam and get certified. In this post, I would like to present some perspectives in relation to Docker certification.

In the process, You will become an Expert

While you go through the Docker certification exam preparation, you get to learn concepts in relation to some of the following and as a result, end up becoming a better developer, system administrator, and application architect.

  • Run containerized applications from pre-existing images stored in a centralized registry
    • This would help you in your day-to-day programming/development by enabling you quickly spin up a dev environment or software applications, play with them and de-commission them as desired.
  • Deploy images across the cluster
    • One of the areas where it would help is achieving continuous delivery by deploying images across the cluster in form of containers.
  • Install, maintain, and operate the Docker platform
    • This would give you insight into the internals of Docker.
  • Triage issue reports from stakeholders and resolve
  • Standup new Docker environments and perform general maintenance and configuration
  • Migrate traditional applications to containers
    • This would help you play a key role in migrating existing apps as docker containerized apps.
  • Configure and troubleshoot Docker engine

At a high level, you get to do deep dive and learn concepts in relation to the following:

  • Orchestration
  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage and Volumes

You become a Better Developer, a Cloud-native App Developer

Docker container as a technology revolutionized the aspect of software portability. Gone are the days when we use to talk about reason someone is developing their app using Java is that Java makes the app portable enough which helps it run in any environment with the help of JVM container.

Welcome to the world of Docker Containers! Any application can now be ported with the help of Docker container on any system environment with the help of Docker engine runtime (Recall Java JVM runtime).

By going through the different aspects of Docker as per Docker certification exam/study guide, especially, some of the following, you end up becoming a better developer by learning the details. You end up using containerized apps for learning new tools and frameworks, commissioning/decommissioning apps at your wish.

  • Image Creation, Management, and Registry
  • Installation and Configuration

Strengthen your Career Profile

In case, you become Docker Certified Associate (DCA), it would represent the fact that you have done enough due diligence in order to pass the exams. This, in turn, would enhance the confidence of existing as well as future employers to entrust you with docker container related work thereby helping acquire experience with Docker.

In case, you could not pass the exams, you would surely end up learning lot of good stuff and greater details in relation to Docker. At the end of the day, this would help you not only handle docker related problems in easier manner but also excel in the interviews etc in relation to Docker.

Communicate and Collaborate in better manner

Going through the docker certification exam topics in a detailed manner helps you learn greater details in relation to orchestration, networking, and storage (volumes). This, in turn, helps you communicate and collaborate with related stakeholders in a better manner by bringing forward key challenges associated with the docker implementation.

It also would help you help the organization make the best use of Docker container technology in order to become more agile and flexible.

Docker Captain – Help you train/mentor others in a Better Manner

Last but not the least – As you do deep dive with Docker concepts, you become better positioned to act as a Docker Captain and help your colleagues and team with training and mentorship sessions on Docker by covering key aspects/important concepts in a balanced manner.

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In this post, you learned about some of the key reasons why you should, at least, go through the Docker certification exams.

Did you find this article useful? Do you have any questions or suggestions about this article in relation to Docker certification exams for becoming Docker Certified Associate (DCA)? Leave a comment and ask your questions and I shall do my best to address your queries.

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