Flutter Interview Questions for Beginners #1


This post is aimed to test your understanding on very basics of Flutter app development using most fundamental questions.

It covers some of the following Flutter topics:

  • Basic understanding of widgets and elements
  • Basic understanding of stateful and stateless widgets

Widgets are same as Elements

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Widgets are blueprints of Elements. As widgets build method is called, the elements get created in the element tree after which widgets get built.

Stateless widgets are widgets with ___________ configuration

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Stateful widgets can be built with stateless child widgets

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Stateless widgets can be built with stateful widgets

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Stateful widgets consists of ___________ and ___________

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Stateful widgets comprises of both configuration and state. Build method is called within the instance of State class to build the widget.

It is the _________ tree which is displayed on the UI

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Use the following type of widget when the state of the widget is immutable?

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Which method is called within main method to build the widgets / elements tree?

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Flutter Quiz #1 for Beginners - Widgets
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