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Blockchain Architect – A Sample Job Description

blockchain architect job description

Blockchain application development is going mainstream, and hence, would be requiring professionals with different roles and responsibilities including Blockchain architect, Blockchain developer etc. You may want to check out different Blockchain job designations on this page. The following is a list of points which can be made part of job description for Blockchain architect and related designations such as Blockchain platform architect, Blockchain solution architect, Blockchain lead architect etc. Demonstrate good understanding of Blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, consensus algorithms Good understanding of different types of Blockchain such as public, private/permissioned, public permissioned etc. Good understanding of Blockchain framework such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum (Solidity) Good understanding of various …

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Machine Learning Course Outline

machine learning course outline

This is a list of topics which can be covered as part of machine learning course curriculum. In other words, it is a representation of outline of a machine learning course. This course outline is created by taking into considerations different topics which are covered as part of machine learning courses available on, Edx, Udemy etc. In case, you are planning to take up a machine learning course in near future, make sure that most of the following is covered. An Outline to Machine Learning Course Curriculum Introduction to machine learning Regression Linear Regression with One Variable Linear Regression with Multiple Variables Logistic Regression Introduction to Neural Networks Representation …

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2018 – Top Eight Technologies for Reskilling or Upgrading Skills

data analytics career options

If you are planning to reskill yourself or upgrading your skills and looking for different technologies whose professionals are going to be in high demand in 2018, then, here is the list of eight (8) technologies one or more of which can be explored. This list is published by NASSCOM in association with BCG (Boston Consultancy Group) Technology Trends – 2017/2018 Artificial Intelligence, rightfully, looks to be most searched by people worldwide. Quick Definitions of Popular Technologies Virtual Reality Definition: Virtual reality (VR) is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments, sometimes in combination with physical environments or props, to generate realistic images, sounds and other …

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AI & Other Courses Starting this Week (6th Nov – 10th Nov)

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The page represents a list of courses related with some of the following areas, which are starting this week (6th Nov 2017): Artificial intelligence Design thinking [tabs ] [/tabs]

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