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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers – Set 1

selenium interview questions and answers

In this post, you will take the objective test (interview questions and answers) to check your knowledge of Selenium. This could prove to be helpful in preparing for upcoming interviews related to Selenium automated testing. Selenium Quiz – Objective Questions and Answers Selenium Sample Interview Questions The following are some of the interview questions which can be prepared: What is the difference between Selenium 2 and Selenium 1? When would you want to use Selenium Grid? What are the¬†different web element location strategies which are used to locate elements on the web page? What is the difference between Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver? What is the¬†difference between andWait and waitFor …

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Selenium Web Scraping Hello World with Java

selenium for web scraping using Java

Selenium is, primarily, used for automating web applications for testing purposes. However, it could also be used for doing web scraping if required. In this post, you would learn about how to use Selenium for Web Scraping using Java. The following are some of the topics described in this article. Maven project with Selenium Artifact Entry in POM.xml Steps for Writing Web scraping Automation Maven Project with Selenium Artifact Entry in POM.xml Create a Maven Project within your Eclipse IDE and place the following entry in pom.xml file. Get the latest artifacts from Maven Page for Selenium Java page. The above would result in the download of appropriate Java libraries …

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