6 Brainstorming Techniques for Generating Great Ideas

Mind mapping brainstorming ideas

This is a quick post listing down 6 different types of brainstorming techniques that can help us create some real great or killer ideas. 

  • Nominal group
  • Direct brainstorming
  • Guided brainstorming
  • Mind mapping
  • Group passing
  • Question brainstorming

Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

The following diagram represents the NGT for brainstorming. The NGT technique primarily depends on group members silently coming up with their ideas and pitching their idea to the group. The ideas are them merged and prioritised silently by each person.

Direct Brainstorming

The following diagram represents direct brainstorming technique. Direct brainstorming is same as traditional technique of brainstorming where people propose / present different ideas and and the best idea is selected.

Guided Brainstorming

Guided Brainstorming is based on Theory of Inventive Problem Solving which is Russian acronym for TRIZ (pronounced treez – Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch).

It leverages the experience of group members (aka inventors) as a thought provoking suggestion captured in the form of Inventive Principles. The goal is to have the ideas capture different aspects of the system elements, actions and environment. These principles can be used to overcome “functional fixedness,” (or psychological inertia, as it is referred to in the TRIZ community) and stimulate new ways to find and use hidden resources to address the problem. The guided brainstorming technique results in creation of several ideas unlike other techniques. The ideas are then evaluated and selected to generate solution concepts. The diagram below depicts the same.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a visual techniques used to generate / brainstorm ideas and come up with solution concepts. The below is a sample mind map diagram representing brainstorming process:

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