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Top 5 Java Forums Worth Frequent Visits for Newbie Java Developers

java forums

If you are a newbie Java developer, and want to get your queries clarified quickly along with learning Java in a fast-paced manner, you may plan to visit to some of the following forums on the regular/frequent basis. These forums have been reviewed and listed below on the basis of number of discussion threads and participation/replies from the forum members. These forums could also be frequented by experienced Java developers owing to the fact that various interesting topics related to advanced level Java are also discussed in these forums. [adsenseyu2] ( A very active forum, for Java developers of all expertise level, I personally found this best of the …

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Tools to Obfuscate Your Java Classes

If you have got the requirement to demonstrate your tool built using Java on client machine (third party computers) by deploying your entire tool, and you are worried if your critical application jar files consisting of Java classes could get decompiled and seen by others, you could use some of the following tools: Proguard could be used to obfuscate the class files. ProGuard is a free Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier. In the process of obfuscation, it renames the remaining classes, fields, and methods using short meaningless names.  JBCO (Java ByteCode Obfuscator) could transform code to be more complex, esoteric, or otherwise obscure in order to hinder reverse-engineering nad decompilation …

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Switch Statement with String in Java 7

Following code represents one of the requirements in which you could use Switch statement to work with String in Java. This should be noted that this feature got newly introduced in Java 7. Below is the class CalendarUtil which has a method namely numberOfDays to calculate number of days in a month of a given year. Note the logic for february month which will vary based on leap year logic. Rest of the days count remain same in different months irrespective of years. public class CalendarUtil { public static int numberOfDays(int year, String month) { int numberOfDays = -1; switch (month) { case “january”: numberOfDays = 31; break; case “february”: …

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Tips to Migrate from Traditional to Spring MVC based Java Web Application


This article talks about what would it take to move the non-spring Java application to Spring-based Java application. This essentially means that if you have a traditional Java web application with object instantiation taking place in independent class files or based on Factory pattern, this article would help you to move to a Spring based component model. Moving to Spring-based component model would essentially mean that one would move the object instantiation to one of the spring configuration file and that the component instantiation would happen based on dependency inversion principle. Before moving on to the steps, it would be good to learn Spring framework concepts and also Spring MVC …

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List of Javascript Frameworks You Heard The Most In Recent Times

Following is a list of javascript framework that you might have heard most in recent times, and wanted to have a quick understanding about them. Lets try and understand their definition and their applicability in terms when would you want to use them. Node.js: Following is definition of node.js from their website ( is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.Node.js can become consideration for some of following use-cases: Need to maintain persistent connection between browser back to the server. In other …

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Free Online Courses from MIT For Java Web Applications


[adsenseyu2] Following are 4 courses from MIT Open Courseware (OCW) that a newbie would consider for enhancing his concepts for working in Java web applications: Software Engineering for Web Applications: The objective of the course is to enhance the familiarity of students with some of the following key concepts: Concurrency Unpredictable load Security risks Opportunity for wide-area distributed computing Creating a reliable and stateful user experience on top of unreliable connections and stateless protocols Extreme requirements and absurd development schedules Requirements that change mid-way through a project, sometimes because of experience gained from testing with users User demands for a multi-modal interface The entire course can be downloaded from following link: …

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How to Debug PHP Code?

How to Debug PHP Code

[adsenseyu2] If you have started on PHP programming and looking out for tips and techniques on how to debug PHP code, following may help you get started: var_dump command: var_dump command helps one to explore whats stored in arrays and objects. Following is the sample code: <?php $a = array(1, 2, array(“a”, “b”, “c”)); var_dump($a); ?> echo command: You could as well use the echo command to debug php program flow. <?php $foo = “foobar”; echo “foo is $foo”; ?> Configure Xdebug with Zend Studio or Eclipse PHP IDE: If you are tired of var_dump or echo commands, and write PHP code using IDE such as eclipe-php or Zend Studio, …

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Are Days Counted for MVC-based Web Applications?

Overkill to maintain two versions for MVC & API

Today, if I am tasked to lay down the architecture for web application, I would no longer be blindly choosing MVC based architecture. Additionally, if this is a migration project from legacy to web application, I would no longer be blindly going for MVC based architecture and choose related MVC frameworks. Not sure if you would agree with me or not. But please read the following and share your thoughts. I would be happy to hear from you. Why am I getting paranoid regarding MVC for web applications? Following are criteria for my considerations for deciding on whether I would select MVC architecture for delivering business functionality on the web: …

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How to Create Your Next Web Application on WordPress

If you have decided to code your next web application on top of WordPress framework, following are some of key considerations that would help you to get started quickly: Database interactivity from your custom pages Creating custom pages Retrieving GET parameters URL Rewrite Following is detail on all of the above points: Database Interactivity: Having your custom pages interact with the database is one of the key. Following are tips to get set with database connectivity from custom pages.The database information including host, database name, username and password is all configured in the wp-config.php in the root folder. All you got to do is include wp-config.php file in your database …

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PHP Code Smells and Best Practices

As application in PHP can be written in object oriented manner, most of the code smells found in the world of object-oriented programming also stay valid for PHP. Recently, I happened to do a code review of a PHP project and wanted to share some of the areas which one would want to pay attention to: Naming methods using Camel Case: It is always helpful to write method names in camel case as it is easily readable. For example, instead of writing method names such as “searchurlAction”, one could write “searchUrlAction”. Software quality characteristic impacted in “Usability“. Long Methods: One may want to avoid large method as these methods become …

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Top 4 Activities for Kickstarting Semantic Web/Linked Data Initiative

If you have been wondering on steps required to kick-start semantic web/linked data initiative within your team or organization, following are some of the key considerations you would want to take into account: Building the right team: One of the most important challenge in starting on semantic web/linked data initiative is to get your team ready with right concepts and experience in place. Following are some key considerations in relation with building the right team: Identify people in the organization getting upto speed with linked data technologies such as RDF, OWL etc. Hire business analysts and engineers experienced in developing ontology frameworks such as Ontology Development Metamodel (ODM). Consider augmenting …

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ShriGB – A Semantic Financial Search Engine

ShriGB, as the name goes, is about extracting valuable insights (“Shri” – respect) from large/big data (“GB”) . The project is aimed to leverage semantic web & big data technologies to extract meaningful insights from unstructured financial data lying across the web.  The data is mostly present in raw form and is useful to some sections of society although, can be used by different section of people for different reasons. Lets take a look at following example: Dabur to set up manufacturing units in Uttaranchal The above data can mean some of the following: More jobs are going to be created in Uttaranchal region This may lead to boost in …

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