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Top 4 Activities for Kickstarting Semantic Web/Linked Data Initiative

If you have been wondering on steps required to kick-start semantic web/linked data initiative within your team or organization, following are some of the key considerations you would want to take into account: Building the right team: One of the most important challenge in starting on semantic web/linked data initiative is to get your team ready with right concepts and experience in place. Following are some key considerations in relation with building the right team: Identify people in the organization getting upto speed with linked data technologies such as RDF, OWL etc. Hire business analysts and engineers experienced in developing ontology frameworks such as Ontology Development Metamodel (ODM). Consider augmenting …

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ShriGB – A Semantic Financial Search Engine

ShriGB, as the name goes, is about extracting valuable insights (“Shri” – respect) from large/big data (“GB”) . The project is aimed to leverage semantic web & big data technologies to extract meaningful insights from unstructured financial data lying across the web.  The data is mostly present in raw form and is useful to some sections of society although, can be used by different section of people for different reasons. Lets take a look at following example: Dabur to set up manufacturing units in Uttaranchal The above data can mean some of the following: More jobs are going to be created in Uttaranchal region This may lead to boost in …

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