Top 5 Java Forums Worth Frequent Visits for Newbie Java Developers

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Calvin & Hobbes tips on forums ;-)

Calvin & Hobbes tips on forums ūüėČ

If you are a newbie Java developer, and want to get your queries clarified quickly along with learning Java in a fast-paced manner, you may plan to visit to some of the following forums on the regular/frequent basis. These forums have been reviewed and listed below on the basis of number of discussion threads and participation/replies from the forum members. These forums could also be frequented by experienced Java developers owing to the fact that various interesting topics related to advanced level Java are also discussed in these forums.
  • ( A very active forum, for Java developers of all expertise level, I personally found this best of the lot. The site is very famous with visitors from India and US. Some of the most active sub-forums are “Beginning Java”, “Java in general”, Servlets etc. This forum should be included in the MUST-VISIT list of at least newbie Java developers.
  • ( equally active forum like coderanch, the forum has high level topics related JDK standard, Java code samples, Java EE etc. Some of the most active discussions threads could be found within topics such as “What’s wrong with my code?”, “Java theory & questions”, “Object oriented programming” etc.¬†This forum should be included in the MUST-VISIT list of at least newbie Java developers.
  • (¬†An equally active forum such as coderanch, the forum has active discussions within high-level topics such as “Java programming”, ¬†“Java SE” etc. There are several discussion threads within topic “New to Java” under “Java programming”. Thus, this forum should also be included in the MUST-VISIT list of at least newbie Java developers.
  • ( Quite an active forum, but not as active as above forums, the forum includes general Java topics posted randomly and not based on higher level classifications like the above mentioned forums. That said, this may also be in the list of newbie developers for frequent visits.
  • Java.Net ( An active forum, but not as active as The forum has got topics/sub-forums split into various different Java technologies such as JDK, JXTA, JCP, Glassfish, Java Desktop etc. As a matter of fact, the forum has lot of discussion threads in topics related to GlassFish.


Not So Very Active Forums

Following are some other forums that could also be visited. However, they are not very active in the sense that not many discussion threads could be found which implies that not many visitors are there on these sites. Interestingly enough, Oracle Java forums fall in this list:-).

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