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Template Project for Spring MVC 4 & Eclipse Dynamic Web Project

Spring MVC 4 Eclipse Dynamic Web Project Folder Structure

The article presents information, instructions and a downloadable eclipse dynamic web project that one could import in his/her Eclipse IDE and quickly get started with Spring MVC Hello World project. Web Application Folder Structure Following is the Eclipse dynamic web project folder structure based on which files in the template are laid out. Important Files Pay attention to some of the following important files: /WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml: A file that cnsists of configuration related with how web requests will be handled using DispatcherServlet. /WebContent/WEB-INF/spring-servlet.xml: A file that consists of information on component model/lifecycle along with view handling. /WebContent/WEB-INF/views: A folder that consists of JSP files that acts as a view and referred …

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Code Example – How to Make AJAX Calls with Java Spring MVC

This article is aimed to provide quick code samples to rookies who would like to quickly get started with AJAX while working with Spring MVC based web application. In example below, the AJAX call is made on form submit to retrieve data from server and process it further. Step 1: Get JQuery Library Download JQuery library and place it in JS folder within one of your web assets folder. Even simpler, include following google script code and you are all set.   Step 2: Create a Form Create a form such as following that would be dealt in this example.   Step 3: Create AJAX Code Step 3 is about …

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Tips to Migrate from Traditional to Spring MVC based Java Web Application


This article talks about what would it take to move the non-spring Java application to Spring-based Java application. This essentially means that if you have a traditional Java web application with object instantiation taking place in independent class files or based on Factory pattern, this article would help you to move to a Spring based component model. Moving to Spring-based component model would essentially mean that one would move the object instantiation to one of the spring configuration file and that the component instantiation would happen based on dependency inversion principle. Before moving on to the steps, it would be good to learn Spring framework concepts and also Spring MVC …

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