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Are Days Counted for MVC-based Web Applications?

Overkill to maintain two versions for MVC & API

Today, if I am tasked to lay down the architecture for web application, I would no longer be blindly choosing MVC based architecture. Additionally, if this is a migration project from legacy to web application, I would no longer be blindly going for MVC based architecture and choose related MVC frameworks. Not sure if you would agree with me or not. But please read the following and share your thoughts. I would be happy to hear from you. Why am I getting paranoid regarding MVC for web applications? Following are criteria for my considerations for deciding on whether I would select MVC architecture for delivering business functionality on the web: …

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Top 5 Secured Application Development Practices

Following are top 5 areas to consider while setting up secured application development practices: Security Training: The developers have to be given continuous training on application security. In this regard, OWASP Top 10 security related recommendations is of great help and a great place to start. This is primarily applicable for web applications. However, most of it also applies to general application.  The security training is applicable for all stakeholders of the project including business analyst, project managers, architect, developers and testers. Threat Modeling: This is the most important aspect of all. This primarily consists of following important steps: Threat classification: Following are some of the key threats one can …

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