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Google Cloud Automl: Business Application Examples

Google cloud platform GCP Automl Services

Google cloud platform (GCP) automl services are a set of google cloud platform products with a focus on machine learning and automation. They help you to automate several tasks related to machine learning. In this blog post, we’ll talk about google cloud automl services and some common business problems that can be solved using these GCP automl services. What are some popular Google Cloud Automl services? Google cloud automl services include some of the following: Google Cloud Vision can be used to perform tasks related to image recognition like face detection, OCR (optical character recognition), landmark detection, etc. Google’s cloud vision can detect emotions, understand text, and more. The service …

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BigQuery ML Concepts & Examples: Starter Guide

google cloud bigquery ml

BigQuery ML is a machine learning platform that allows data scientists to build models using the power of their data. Unlike traditional machine learning, BigQuery ML does not require any programming skills, making it an easy way to get started with machine learning. Product managers and data scientists can both benefit from BigQuery ML by finding insights in their own datasets or collaborating with one another on new applications. The introduction of BigQuery Machine Learning Platform has enabled organizations to take advantage of the benefits of machine learning without needing deep expertise in either big-data or analytics technologies. This blog post will provide an overview of what you need to …

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Java – Configure MySQL for Google Appengine (Standard)

configure mysql for google appengine standard environment

In this post, you will learn about how to configure MySQL properties in your Spring Boot application for deploying it on Google AppEngine (Standard) environment. This article assumes that the MySQL database is set up as part of Google Cloud SQL fully-managed database service. The following will be covered: Configuration properties in Configure POM entries in pom.xml file Configuration properties in In file, while working with Spring Boot app with JPA repository, you need to have following configuration properties in file. The below assumes that you have a MySQL database with name as dbname and username/password as root/root. In above properties, the instance connection name can be …

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Google Cloud Text-to-Speech Java Code Example

Enable Google Cloud Text-to-Speech Service

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech is a text-to-speech conversion service which got launched a few days back by Google Cloud. This was one of the most important service missing from Google Cloud AI portfolio which is now available and completes the loop for text-to-speech and speech-to-text services by Google Cloud. In next few weeks, you will learn about different usages of Google Cloud text-to-speech service with other Google cloud services. In this post, you will learn about some of the following: Setup Eclipse IDE-based Development Environment Create a Maven or Spring Boot (Spring Starter) Project Setup Eclipse IDE-based Development Environment The following are some of the key aspects of setting up the …

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Sentiment Analysis Examples using Google Cloud NLP API

sentiment analysis using google cloud nlp api

Sentiment analysis of a text document such as speech, articles on websites etc is about assessing sentiments associated with the document as a function of overall emotions expressed in form of different words. Sentiment analysis is primarily used for tracking voice of customer (VOC) by analyzing customer reviews, survey responses, etc., in social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The VOC can be related to products in general, an event, movies etc. In this post, you will learn about how to use Google Cloud NLP API for performing sentiment analysis of a text document. Java code is used for programming the sentiment analysis. Google NLP API – Sentiment Analysis Metrics …

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How to Create Java NLP Apps using Google NLP API

Natural language processing (NLP) is an AI-based technology which is used for creating apps related to speech recognition, natural-language understanding, and natural-language generation. Some of the applications related to NLP are content classification, sentiment analysis, syntactic analysis etc. In this post, you will learn about how to get set up with a development environment for creating NLP based apps using Google Cloud NLP APIs. Setup Eclipse-based Development Environment for Google NLP API The steps below would help you get setup with Eclipse IDE and Java-based development environment for developing apps using Google Cloud Natural Language API. Create Google Project: Create a project by logging into Google Cloud console. I created …

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Cloud Platform Trends (Oct 2017) – AWS Wins

StackOverflow Q&A trends for Cloud Platforms

This blog represents the cloud platform trends for the month of Octobar 2017 with primary focus on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. The clear winner is AWS. Job Postings Trends Following represents job posting trends on the popular portal, Search Trends The following represents Google search trends for cloud platforms: StackOverflow Q&A Trends The following represents Stackoverflow Q&A trends for cloud platforms:

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Spring Boot App on Google App Engine Standard Environment

This blog represents tips and techniques on how to deploy a Spring Boot app on Google App Engine standard environment. Create a Google AppEngine (GAE) Project Login into Google Cloud Console and create an AppEngine project. Configure GCloud Setup In order to upload GAE project from command prompt, the GCLoud setup needs to be configured. Execute following command from the command prompt to start configuring your appengine project: Do some of the following while configuring the setup: Select a new configuration; Enter the configuration name Login into your cloud account Successful login will list down existing Google Appengine (GAE) project. Pick the one which you created from the cloud console. …

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Setup Environment for Google AppEngine Java Project

This blog presents tips and techniques on how to set up environment for deploying Java web app on Google AppEngine using GCloud SDK. Same environment can as well be used for deploying Spring boot web app. Following steps are described later: Install Google Cloud SDK Install Cloud SDK Appengine Java component Create Appengine project in Google Cloud Console Authorize GCloud Configure Appengine project using GCloud Install Google Cloud SDK Download and install Google Cloud SDK. The instructions for downloading and installing Google Cloud SDK can be found on Installing Cloud SDK page. Unzip or Untar the downloaded file and go to the google-cloud-sdk folder. Execute or install.bat appropriately from …

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