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Spring Boot App on Google App Engine Standard Environment

This blog represents tips and techniques on how to deploy a Spring Boot app on Google App Engine standard environment. Create a Google AppEngine (GAE) Project Login into Google Cloud Console and create an AppEngine project. Configure GCloud Setup In order to upload GAE project from command prompt, the GCLoud setup needs to be configured. Execute following command from the command prompt to start configuring your appengine project: Do some of the following while configuring the setup: Select a new configuration; Enter the configuration name Login into your cloud account Successful login will list down existing Google Appengine (GAE) project. Pick the one which you created from the cloud console. …

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Spring Boot with JSP Pages – Code Example

Following needs to be done to setup Spring boot web app with JSP pages Create a Spring Starter Project Create a Spring Starter Project by selecting “Web” as one of the dependencies. This will create a Springboot project. POM.xml Entries Place following entries in pom.xml for processing JSP pages Configuration in application.properties Place following configuration in application.properties Create Controller class Create a sample controller class such as following: Create JSP pages Create a folder src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/views Create a file index.jsp. Place the content such as following: Run Project as Spring Boot App Access URL such as http://localhost:8080/ in browser. Following would be displayed.

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