Java – Configure MySQL for Google Appengine (Standard)

configure mysql for google appengine standard environment

In this post, you will learn about how to configure MySQL properties in your Spring Boot application for deploying it on Google AppEngine (Standard) environment. This article assumes that the MySQL database is set up as part of Google Cloud SQL fully-managed database service. The following will be covered:

  • Configuration properties in
  • Configure POM entries in pom.xml file

Configuration properties in

In file, while working with Spring Boot app with JPA repository, you need to have following configuration properties in file. The below assumes that you have a MySQL database with name as dbname and username/password as root/root.

In above properties, the instance connection name can be obtained from the project Cloud SQL page whose link could look like

While working in local environment, you could comment above properties and use the following:


POM entry in POM.xml file

The following POM entry needs to be put in pom.xml file.


While working in the local environment, one could comment above and rather use following POM entry:




In this post, you learned about how to configure MySQL properties in Spring Boot app for deploying it on Google App Engine (Standard) environment.

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