Cloud Platform Trends (Oct 2017) – AWS Wins

StackOverflow Q&A trends for Cloud Platforms

This blog represents the cloud platform trends for the month of Octobar 2017 with primary focus on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. The clear winner is AWS. Job Postings Trends

Following represents job posting trends on the popular portal,

cloud platform trends - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Figure 1. Cloud platform trends – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud (Blue – AWS, Orange – Azure) Search Trends

The following represents Google search trends for cloud platforms:

Google Search Cloud Platform Trends

Figure 2. Google Search Cloud Platform Trends (Blue – AWS, Red – Azure)

StackOverflow Q&A Trends

The following represents Stackoverflow Q&A trends for cloud platforms:

StackOverflow Q&A trends for Cloud Platforms

Figure 3. StackOverflow Q&A trends for Cloud Platforms

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