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AngularJS Interview Questions – Set 2

ATG interview questions

The article presents another set of 10 interview questions for you to try your understanding of AngularJS fundamentals. You may find some of them as tricky ones. Questions below primarily focus on angular application initialization process. Do note that I shall be coming up with multiple such set of questions in the near future as I swim deeper into Angular Sea. 🙂 Please feel free to suggest/comment if you disagree with any of the answers below. Question Set Can the angular application be initialized on only HTML element or ANY element? Ans: ANY element Can an HTML page have multiple “ng-app” directive for bootstrapping multiple AngularJS application? Ans: Yes With more …

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AngularJS Interview Questions – Questions Set 1

ATG interview questions

The article lists down some of the interview questions that could be asked in relation with AngularJS. Most of the answers can be found on the home site, Following are another set of questions that have already been published earlier. Also, feel free to take tests on this page. Interview questions – Set 2 Interview questions – Set 3 Interview questions – Set 4 Questions Set What is notion of directives in AngularJS? Ans: Name some of the most commonly used directives? What is uage of ng-app, ng-controller, ng-view, ng-model etc? Ans: Explain how MVC is achieved with AngularJS? What are the benefits of client-side MVC, in general? Ans: …

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AngularJS Hello World Code Example

The article presents hello world code sample for AngularJS javascript framework. Following are important aspects to note while you are going through the Hello World demo and the code samples listed below. Directives ng-app, ng-controller, ng-model Template with double curly braces   Step 1: Include Angular Javascript within <Head> Section Include following code within <head></head> to include Angularjs javascript file. Get the latest code such as below from Google hosted libraries page. <script src=”//”></script>   Step 2: Apply ng-app directive to <Html> element Apply ng-app directive to <html> element such as following. Giving name of the app is optional. It could be written as simple as <html ng-app>. This directive is used to …

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Template Project for Spring MVC 4 & Eclipse Dynamic Web Project

Spring MVC 4 Eclipse Dynamic Web Project Folder Structure

The article presents information, instructions and a downloadable eclipse dynamic web project that one could import in his/her Eclipse IDE and quickly get started with Spring MVC Hello World project. Web Application Folder Structure Following is the Eclipse dynamic web project folder structure based on which files in the template are laid out. Important Files Pay attention to some of the following important files: /WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml: A file that cnsists of configuration related with how web requests will be handled using DispatcherServlet. /WebContent/WEB-INF/spring-servlet.xml: A file that consists of information on component model/lifecycle along with view handling. /WebContent/WEB-INF/views: A folder that consists of JSP files that acts as a view and referred …

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Java Unit Testing Interview Questions

ATG interview questions

The article presents some of the frequently asked interview questions in relation with unit testing with Java code. Please suggest other questions tthat you came across and I shall include in the list below. What is unit testing? Which unit testing framework did you use? What are some of the common Java unit testing frameworks? Ans: Read the definition of Unit testing on Wikipedia page for unit testing. Simply speaking, unit testing is about testing a block of code in isolation. There are two popular unit testing framework in Java named as Junit, TestNG.   In SDLC, When is the right time to start writing unit tests? Ans: Test-along if …

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Java Interview Questions (Part 1) – Rookies Series

The article (first in the series) aims to present some tricky interview Java questions that could help you score high in your next Java interviews:    Programming fundamentals Question: What is difference between object-oriented programming and functional programming? Answer: Following pages present good perspective on the differences:    Java Objects Question: What is difference between comparing two objects using equals method and “==” operator? Answer: Question: What is the significance of equals and hash method in Object class? Answer:—a-pragmatic-concept.html    Collections Question: What is difference between LinkedList and ArrayList? When would you want to use one and not the other? Answer: Question: How come you …

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10 Training Topics to Transform Rookie Developers to Good Developers

The article represents different topics on which training could be given to the rookie developers to orient them appropriately and help them become highly effective developers by writing code of great quality, doing good communication, helping fellow developers etc. If you are one who is involved in planning training programs or you are one of the rookie developers, you may want to check out following topics and do the needful. Please feel free to share your thoughts/suggestions for any other topics that could be useful. Following is a list of 10 training topics that could be covered in 25-30 hours, and that could help developers imbibe some of the characteristics …

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Technical Architect Interview Questions – Part 2

interview questions

Following is the list of questions that were discussed by me with some of the guys appearing for the position of technical lead or architect, in last few months. Please feel free to share your opinion on them. Architecture Define the roles and responsibilities of technical architect, application architect, solution architect and an enterprise architect? The reason I asked this question was that the interviewee ended up mentioning all of these roles while introducing himself. And, while answering the question, he was unable to clearly define these roles. As an advice, please take care of mentioning about your role when attending the interview for the role of an architect. For …

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Top 5 Code Smells Newbies Developers Could Easily Identify & Avoid

code smells

Following is one very popular image which has been used to represent time and again for representing code smells. I am doing it again. Apologies if this one is repeat for some of you. But the image nicely represents how to find if your code really smells. The code smells listed in this article would certainly lead to increase in WTF count 😉 For newbie developers, it has always remained a challenge to write code of great quality from day one. One of the primary concerns they have been found to have is following: What kind of code could be termed as high quality code? There are several characteristics of good …

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Top 5 Java Forums Worth Frequent Visits for Newbie Java Developers

java forums

If you are a newbie Java developer, and want to get your queries clarified quickly along with learning Java in a fast-paced manner, you may plan to visit to some of the following forums on the regular/frequent basis. These forums have been reviewed and listed below on the basis of number of discussion threads and participation/replies from the forum members. These forums could also be frequented by experienced Java developers owing to the fact that various interesting topics related to advanced level Java are also discussed in these forums. [adsenseyu2] ( A very active forum, for Java developers of all expertise level, I personally found this best of the …

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Business Process or Workflow – Chicken or Egg – Who Comes First?

Chicken Or The Egg - BPM or Workflow

Many a times, you ask the definition of business process or workflow, it so happens that the mention of other happens while a person is trying to define any of them. And, the next moment the question is asked that what is the difference between business process or workflow, and that which contains which one. This article tries to define each one and relate them appropriately while mentioning distinct difference between them? At times, it tends to appear like a chicken or egg situation which represents the fact that whether workflow in your systems may be progressed to define and create business processes (bottoms-up) or business process, once defined, needs to …

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Free Online Courses from MIT For Java Web Applications


[adsenseyu2] Following are 4 courses from MIT Open Courseware (OCW) that a newbie would consider for enhancing his concepts for working in Java web applications: Software Engineering for Web Applications: The objective of the course is to enhance the familiarity of students with some of the following key concepts: Concurrency Unpredictable load Security risks Opportunity for wide-area distributed computing Creating a reliable and stateful user experience on top of unreliable connections and stateless protocols Extreme requirements and absurd development schedules Requirements that change mid-way through a project, sometimes because of experience gained from testing with users User demands for a multi-modal interface The entire course can be downloaded from following link: …

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Top 5 Computing Fundamentals to Learn for a Prosperous 2014

Happy New Year 2014

For those of you looking to find out what will be good to learn in this new year, it would be OK to believe that computing fundamentals has become more important than ever before and it would be good to learn the same in 2014 rather than any of the programming languages such as java, .NET, or languages belonging to open-source stack. Following are some key computing fundamentals to focus upon in the coming year: Performance Engineering: As every business is planning to move their applications to cloud for various different reasons including cost-cutting measures, it has become much more important to write efficient application which makes the optimized usage …

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How to Design & Develop Cloud-Ready Applications?

Cloud Computing

I have come across many a  developers who were seen to have blank face when talked about the fundamentals on how to design and develop cloud ready applications. Taking a step back, most of them are still unaware of what is meaning of cloud computing and, do they require to acquire one or more specific skill sets to design and develop cloud ready applications? In short, a cloud-ready applications can be developed using any programming language. All that is required is to keep in mind few design and development fundamentals in this relation.  By the way, as per the technology trends for 2014 published by several analysts, it is high …

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Tips for Newbies to Choose between Technologies


Does the above picture include one of the programming languages you are planning to learn or have started learning? I have come across many a newbies frequently looking for answers to some of the following questions: Which technology will be most suitable for me from career perspective? Which technology will help me secure high-paying job? Which technology will I love to work with? Is development (coding) good for me or, I could also explore testing career? Should I go on to learn one of the programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, RoR etc, or should I learn one of the application packages such as that related with ecommerce (ATG, Hybris, …

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Tips for Newbies to Create Architecture Diagrams – Part 1

Wondering How to Create Architecture Diagrams

In the initial years of application development, I have found several junior or mid-level developers show up blank faces when asked about architecture of application. This is primarily because that they have been involved mainly in coding or low level design aspect of application development till that point of time in their career. Thus, these developers look up to architects to help them come up with various different architectural viewpoints. Not only this, project managers also look up to architects to come up with architecture and help the team get started.   Before I go ahead and write on a series of articles on how newbies could come with the …

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