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Eclipse Key Shortcuts for Greater Developers Productivity

The article presents Eclipse Key Shortcuts (for Windows) which could be used to perform most common coding tasks in a much efficient/faster and effective manner thereby enhancing overall productivity of the Java developers. Please note there are lot more key shortcuts which could be accessed from Eclipse IDE Windows/Preferences/Keys. However, I have made a mention of only those shortcuts which I found very useful in coding faster. If I missed on any shortcuts keys that you feel would be useful to be added in the list below, please give a shout. There were some useful feedbacks on reddit post from where I took some commands and added to the list …

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Template Project for Spring MVC 4 & Eclipse Dynamic Web Project

Spring MVC 4 Eclipse Dynamic Web Project Folder Structure

The article presents information, instructions and a downloadable eclipse dynamic web project that one could import in his/her Eclipse IDE and quickly get started with Spring MVC Hello World project. Web Application Folder Structure Following is the Eclipse dynamic web project folder structure based on which files in the template are laid out. Important Files Pay attention to some of the following important files: /WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml: A file that cnsists of configuration related with how web requests will be handled using DispatcherServlet. /WebContent/WEB-INF/spring-servlet.xml: A file that consists of information on component model/lifecycle along with view handling. /WebContent/WEB-INF/views: A folder that consists of JSP files that acts as a view and referred …

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Gradle War Configuration for Eclipse Spring Web Application Project

The article describes the configuration one would need to create WAR file for an Eclipse-base web application (Dynamic Web) project. Below code represents whats needed to compile your Java Eclipse-based web application project and create WAR file which can be deployed later, on any Java server such as Tomcat. Pay attention to some of the following facts: repositories: “repositories” is referred in a local directory rather than external repository such as MavenCentral etc. sourceSets: sourceSets define the path under which Java source code exists. It MUST BE NOTED that failing to define this would have Gradle look into Maven-based folder such as “src/main/java” for source code that would eventually result …

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