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Unit Testing with JUnit & Mockito – Code Examples

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The article presents quick code example for doing unit testing with JUnit & Mockito mocking framework. It also represents unit testing naming convention where features text is used for naming the test methods thereby representing test class as alternate documentation for the class under test. Following is done while defining Mock member variables Use @Mock annotation ahead of member variable definitions Following are steps done in the setup method: Initialize the mock using MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(this); Object of class under test is initialized with the mock objects Following steps are used in each of the unit test methods: Create/Initialize required objects for working with mocks and methods under test Set the mock …

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Java Unit Testing Interview Questions

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The article presents some of the frequently asked interview questions in relation with unit testing with Java code. Please suggest other questions tthat you came across and I shall include in the list below. What is unit testing? Which unit testing framework did you use? What are some of the common Java unit testing frameworks? Ans: Read the definition of Unit testing on Wikipedia page for unit testing. Simply speaking, unit testing is about testing a block of code in isolation. There are two popular unit testing framework in Java named as Junit, TestNG.   In SDLC, When is the right time to start writing unit tests? Ans: Test-along if …

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