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Data Science – 175 Probability & Statistics Interview Questions

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This article presents URL and short description of around 175 probability & statistics objective questions which could prove very useful and helpful for those who are planning to attend one or more data scientist interviews in time to come. These tests/quizzes were created when I was learning probability and statistics some time back and, found various concepts interesting enough to be converted into quizzes for my future references. As probability & statistics form key to data science, it may be worth spending some time on these tests and check your understanding. You may also use this for your future reference. These questions could also be used for checking your concepts …

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Java Unit Testing Interview Questions

ATG interview questions

The article presents some of the frequently asked interview questions in relation with unit testing with Java code. Please suggest other questions tthat you came across and I shall include in the list below. What is unit testing? Which unit testing framework did you use? What are some of the common Java unit testing frameworks? Ans: Read the definition of Unit testing on Wikipedia page for unit testing. Simply speaking, unit testing is about testing a block of code in isolation. There are two popular unit testing framework in Java named as Junit, TestNG.   In SDLC, When is the right time to start writing unit tests? Ans: Test-along if …

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Top 15 Mobility Architect Interview Questions

The article lists down some of the questions I happen to discuss with candidates appearing for mobility architect/lead position. These are mostly architectural level questions and cut across most mobility platforms. Feel free to share questions you came across in your interviews. What are different types of mobile apps? Mention some of the platforms you worked with?Native vs Mobile Web vs Hybrid applications Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps Native, HTML5, or Hybrid: Understanding Your Mobile Application Development Options When develop for native apps and when mobile web? Mobile Website vs. Mobile App (Application): Which is Best for Your Organization? What are key differences in architecting/developing consumer apps and …

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Technical Architect Interview Questions – Part 2

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Following is the list of questions that were discussed by me with some of the guys appearing for the position of technical lead or architect, in last few months. Please feel free to share your opinion on them. Architecture Define the roles and responsibilities of technical architect, application architect, solution architect and an enterprise architect? The reason I asked this question was that the interviewee ended up mentioning all of these roles while introducing himself. And, while answering the question, he was unable to clearly define these roles. As an advice, please take care of mentioning about your role when attending the interview for the role of an architect. For …

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5 Tricky Interview Questions for Java ArrayList

I have been involved in many a java interviews and following are five tricky ones where I found several junior to mid-level Java developers faltering once in a while. Thus, I thought to put an article around these questions to help junior Java developers make familiar with these questions. The article presents the 5 tricky interview questions in relation with Java ArrayList, I believe, ¬†could get the interviewee score some browny points, if answered well.¬†Let me know if you agree and would like to add another set of questions to the list below: How does the size of Arraylist increases automatically? Could you share the code? This is the most …

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