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Linear Regression is one of the most widely used statistical methods for predictive modeling in various fields such as finance, marketing, and engineering. It involves fitting a linear equation to a set of data points, which can be used to make predictions about new data. One important aspect of linear regression is the use of F-Statistics, which is a statistical test used to determine the significance of the regression model.

If you’re looking to test your knowledge of Linear Regression and F-Statistics, you’ve come to the right place! It will also be helpful if you are preparing for data science interviews. In this capsule quiz, we’ve compiled 10 questions that cover the key concepts and assumptions of linear regression and F-Statistics. By taking this quiz, you can assess your understanding of the topic and identify areas that you may need to review further. So, whether you’re a student of statistics, data science, or simply interested in learning more about Linear Regression and F-Statistics, this quiz is a great way to test your knowledge and enhance your understanding of this important statistical method.


Ajitesh Kumar
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Ajitesh Kumar
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#1. What is the purpose of linear regression model?

#2. Which of the following is not an assumption of linear regression model?

#3. What is the objective of F-statistics in linear regression?

#4. Which of the following statements about R-squared is true?

#5. Q5. What does a p-value less than the significance level indicate in hypothesis testing?

#6. What is the range of F-statistic in linear regression?

#7. What is multicollinearity in linear regression?

#8. Which of the following is not a method for variable selection in linear regression?

#9. Which of the following is not a type of residuals in linear regression?

#10. Which of the following is not a limitation of linear regression model?

Ajitesh Kumar
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Ajitesh Kumar

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