Logistic Regression Interview Questions – Set 3

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This page lists down the practice tests / interview questions and answers for Logistic regression in machine learning. Those wanting to test their machine learning knowledge in relation with logistic regression would find these practice tests very useful. The goal for these practice tests is to help you check your knowledge in logistic regression machine learning models from time-to-time. More importantly, when you are preparing for interviews, these practice tests are intended to be handy enough. Those going for freshers / intern interviews in the area of machine learning would also find these practice tests / interview questions to be very helpful.

These test primarily focus on following concepts related with logistic regression:

  • Types of logistic regression (Binomial, Multinomial, Ordinal)
  • Logistic function, logit transformation
  • Evaluation of logistic regression (AIC, Deviance calculations)

Other tests in this series includes some of the following:

Logistic Regression Concepts (Brushing up)

  • Evaluation of Logistic regression models using some of the following techniques:
    • Deviance calculations (Null and Residual Deviance)
    • R-squared (McFadden, Cox and Snell, Likelihood ratio)
    • ROC curve; AUC
    • Hosmer Lemeshow tests

Practice Test

Deviance can be shown to follow __________

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______ value of deviance represents the better fit of model

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If the model deviance is significantly ________ than the null deviance then one can conclude that the predictor or set of predictors significantly improved model fit

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Which of the following is analogous to R-Squared for logistic regression

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Estimation in logistic regression chooses the parameters that ___________ the likelihood of observing the sample values

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Which of the following tests can be used to assess whether the logistic regression model is well calibrated

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ROC related with ROC curve stands for _______

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Which of the following is used to identify the best threshold for separating positive and negative classes

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ROC curve is a plot of __________ vs ___________

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______ the value of AUC, better is the prediction power of the model

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Logistic Regression Interview Questions - Set 3
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In case you have not scored good enough, it may be good idea to go through basic machine learning concepts in relation with logistic regression. Following is the list of some good courses / pages:

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