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Key to Big Data: Data Science & Data Framework

Good familiarity with data science is key to getting on board with Big Data implementations. Almost all software services provider has added another link for Big Data for their services offerings. Most of them have an understanding that a Hadoop team comprising of technical team familiar with Hadoop technology stack shall be able to successfully implement Big Data project. However, this is far from the reality. One of the keys to successful Big Data implementation projects is “Data Science“. And, another aspect is “Data Framework“. The two when done jointly would get a team do successful Big Data implementation. What is Data Science? Data Science, simply speaking, is understanding meta-data …

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Big Data is NOT Just about Hadoop Stack Implementation

That is something any one can with a decent technical skill and Java experience could do it. Big Data has lot to do with Data science. And, to stand out as a Big Data solution provider in the IT marketplace, one needs to have a team of Data scientist who work with technologist to implement Big data solution suggested by them. Thus, following is how the Big Data team may look like? Project/Delivery Manager Data Scientist Technical Architect (Hadoop) Technical team including team/tech lead, developers, testers etc Build/Configuration Engineer: This may be important owing to the Big Data typical cluster configurations requirement and the complexities surrounding it. What is a …

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