Data Science – Top 5 Videos to Learn Bayes’ Theorum

This article represents the top 5 videos that I thought to be great when I was trying to understand Bayes theorum from Youtube channels. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.


Following are top 5 videos that I found quite useful to understand Bayes theorum:

  1. Bayes’ Theorum Formula: This one, I liked most. Very short and sweet video which explains about Bayes theorum with a very nice example of economy and stock values in just 6 minutes. For beginners, I would recommend this to be first video to get started with Bayes theorum.
  2. Bayes Theorum with Tree Diagrams ( This one is pretty interesting as it is presented by two guys, Matt and Ashish. It looks to be an initiative from University of Arizone. The good thing I liked about this video set is a set of three video which presents multiple examples related with Bayes theorum that could prove useful for anyone to get started with Bayes theorum. Below is the link of first of such video.
  3. Bayes’ Theorem with Peas on a Plate: Quite an interesting way to explain Bayes theorum, I liked the set of three videos very much. It presents an interesting perspective with the help of peas on a plate and explains Bayes theorum in a very descriptive manner. Following is a link of first of the video set.
  4. President Election Example: This is a nice video, done by Dana Scheider, which presents the Bayes theorum in the light of deciding the probability of whether it is Democart or republican government given that the business taxes are cut.
  5. Bayes Rule – Classroom approach: This video, done by Dr. Jared Niemi from Iowa State university, presents the Bayes theorum with academic sort of touch/feeling. It took me some amount of patience to watch it completely as it was more of slow-paced tutorial and I ended up imagining myself sitting in the classroom in my school days with teacher writing formulae on blackboard and explaining each term, step-by-step. That said, I would still recommend it for the beginners.
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