Top 15 Mobility Architect Interview Questions

The article lists down some of the questions I happen to discuss with candidates appearing for mobility architect/lead position. These are mostly architectural level questions and cut across most mobility platforms. Feel free to share questions you came across in your interviews.

  1. What are different types of mobile apps? Mention some of the platforms you worked with?Native vs Mobile Web vs Hybrid applications
    Native Apps, Web Apps, and Hybrid Apps
    Native, HTML5, or Hybrid: Understanding Your Mobile Application Development Options
  2. When develop for native apps and when mobile web?

    Mobile Website vs. Mobile App (Application): Which is Best for Your Organization?

  3. What are key differences in architecting/developing consumer apps and enterprise (B2B) apps?
  4. When architecting mobile web, would you go for traditional MVC architecture or consider adopting contemporary frameworks such as backbone.js and integrate with back-end using REST? Why so?
  5. What are key architectural principles when developing mobile apps?

    Architectural considerations while developing Enterprise Mobile Applications

  6. What are key considerations/guidelines when creating requirements for features/functionality for mobile apps?

    Architectural considerations while developing Enterprise Mobile Applications

  7. What are key challenges when putting architecture/design for mobile apps (native apps/mobile web)?

    Best Practices: Extending Enterprise Applications to Mobile Devices

  8. Describe mobile apps development lifecycle?

    App Development Life Cycle (ADLC)Five Best practices for Mobile Application Lifecycle Management

  9. What are key guidelines for laying out data architecture for mobile apps? Consider the requirements of high performance and scalability.
  10. What are different forms of testing you would recommend for mobile apps? Consider both UI & server side testing.

    Mobile application testing

  11. Do you recommend continuous integration (CI) when developing mobile apps? What CI tools have you worked with?
  12. Recommend few unit testing tools & frameworks you worked with, for testing mobile apps on both, UI and server side.

    Android SDK: Unit Testing with the JUnit Testing Framework
    Unit Test Your iOS Apps

  13. What are key elements of a mobility center of excellence (COE)?Gartner Identifies Organizational Implications of the Rise of Mobile Devices
  14. How does the composition/structure of a mobility team looks like?
  15. Take up the most challenging mobility project in your experience and describe the journey from gathering requirements to delivering the apps?

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