Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers – Set 3

kubernetes interview questions and answers

This page represents practice test consisting of objective questions and answers on Kubernetes.  The following topics are covered as part of this practice test / quiz:

  • Container hooks and related lifecycle
  • Pods

The practice test can prove to be very helpful if you are preparing to take Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification examination in near future. It covers the Core Concepts from CKA certification exam syllabus.

Those preparing for interviews in relation with Kubernetes or cloud-native apps would find these questions to be useful enough. These questions can prove to be useful for interns / freshers / beginners.

Revision Notes – Kubernetes Concepts (Container Hooks / Pods)

  • Kubernetes provides containers with following lifecycle hooks:
    • PostStart
    • PreStop
  • Kubernetes supports implementation of following hook handlers for containers:
    • Exec: Executes a specific command, such as pre-stop.sh, inside the cgroups and namespaces of the Container.
    • Http: Executes an HTTP request against a specific endpoint on the Container.
  • Container hook handlers are synchronous
  • Hook handlers are debugged using events broadcasted for both PostStart (FailedPostStartHook) and PreStop (FailedPreStopHook)
  • A pod represents a running process in the cluster
  • A pod encapsulates some of the following:
    • One or more containers
    • Storage resources
    • Network IP
  • A Pod supports the following container runtime
    • Docker
    • rkt
  • Pods provide the following two kinds of shared resources for their constituent containers:
    • Networking
    • Storage
  • Each Pod is assigned a unique IP address.
  • A pod can not self-heal. It is the controller that handles the work of managing the relatively disposable Pod instances.
  • Controllers use pod templates to create pods

Practice Test – Kubernetes Concepts (Container Hooks / Pods)

Kubernetes provides containers with which of the following lifecycle hooks?

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Kubernetes supports implementation of following hook handler(s) for containers

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Container hook handlers are ___________

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Hook handlers can be debugged using ____________

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A pod can comprise of only one container

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A pod encapsulates which of the following

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A Pod supports which of the following container runtime

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Pods provide which of the following kind of shared resource(s) for their constituent containers

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Each Pod is assigned a unique IP address.

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A pod can self-heal

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Kubernetes Interview Questions and Answers - Set 3
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