Kubernetes – Interview Questions and Answers on Pods

Kubernetes Namespaces Cheatsheet

This page represents practice test consisting of objective questions and answers on Kubernetes.  The practice test can prove to be very helpful if you are preparing to take Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification examination in near future. It covers the Core Concepts from CKA certification exam syllabus.

Those preparing for interviews in relation with Kubernetes or cloud-native apps would find these questions to be useful enough. These questions can prove to be useful for interns / freshers / beginners.

These questions are related with some of the following topics:

  • Kubernetes Pods
  • New feature release in Kubernetes 1.8 such as taints and tolerations

The following is link to other practice tests:

Overview on Kubernetes Taints and Tolerations Concepts

Kubernetes 1.8 release came up with the feature taints and tolerations. The primary goal of this feature is to ensure that pods do not get scheduled to inappropriate nodes. Taints and applied to nodes and tolerations are applied to pods. Applying tolerations to pods would ensure that pods are scheduled on nodes with matching taints.

Practice Test

Which of the following services runs on a Kubernetes node?

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Which of the following can be one of the status of a running Kubernetes node?

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Which of the following is used to ensure that pods are not scheduled onto inappropriate nodes?

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Taints and Tolerations are introduced from which version of Kubernetes?

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Taints are applied to _________

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Tolerations are applied to ___________

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Applying _______ to pods would enable pods to schedule onto nodes with matching _________

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Kubernetes is responsible for inherently creating nodes, pods and services

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Kubernetes sees node as ___________

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Which of the components can interact with Kubernetes node interface?

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In order to create nodes object manually, --register-node flag needs to be set to ___________

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The preferred pattern for registering nodes object with API server is to set value of --register-node flag as ________

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Kubernetes Interview Questions - Set 2
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