Certified Kubernetes Administrator Sample Test on Services Concept

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Practice Test on Services

This page represents practice test consisting of questions and answers on Kubernetes. This practice test covers the topic such as Kubernetes Services. The practice test can prove to be very helpful if you are preparing to take Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification examination in near future. It covers the Networking Concepts from CKA certification exam syllabus which can comprise of 11% questions in CKA certification exam.

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Revision Notes – Kubernetes concepts on Services

  • A Kubernetes service is an abstraction which is used to define a logical set of pods.
  • A Kubernetes service is assigned an IP address.
  • In service spec definition, port refers to incoming port which is mapped to targetPort on Pod. By default, the value of targetPort is set to same value as port.
  • targetPort can be a string, referring to the name of a port in the backend Pods.
  • Kubernetes services support both TCP and UDP for protocols.
  • A service can be defined without a label selector for some of the following reasons:
    • Point to another service in another Namespace.
    • Integrate with backends running outside of Kubernetes
  • A service not defined without a label selector requires one of the following to happen:
    • Define endpoint with an ip address and a port for connecting to external services
    • Define ExternalName service which serves as a way to return an alias to an external service residing outside the cluster.
  • Every node in a Kubernetes cluster runs an instance of kube-proxy and kubelet.
  • Kube-proxy is responsible for implementing a form of Virtual IP for Services.
  • In iptables mode, Kube-proxy installs iptables rules for capturing traffic to the Service’s virtual clusterIP and Port.
  • Kube-proxy running in following modes supports following as load balancing algorithm
Proxy modes Load-balancing algorithm
Userspace Round-robin
Iptables Random
IPVS round-robin, least connection, source / destination hashing, shortest expected delay, never queue
  • Service supports exposing more than one port, say http(80), https(443).

Practice Test – Kubernetes Services

A Kubernetes _________ abstracts access to _______

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A Kubernetes _______ is a logical grouping of ________ while _______ is a logical set of ______

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A Kubernetes service does not have its own IP address.

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A service always requires a label selector to be defined

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In service spec definition, targetPort refers to _________

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The targetPort when defined in Service spec can be both a number and a string

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It is possible to use Kubernetes service to integrate with backends running outside of Kubernetes

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Kubernetes services support _______ for protocols.

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Defining a service without a selector can be achieved using which of the following

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Every node in a Kubernetes cluster runs which of the following

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Which of the following is responsible for implementing a form of Virtual IP for Services

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Kube-proxy running in which of the following mode uses round-robin load-balancing algorithm, by default, for redirecting traffic to backend pod?

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Kube-proxy running in which of the following mode uses random selection of Pods as load-balancing algorithm, by default, for redirecting traffic to the backend pod?

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Multiple port definitions can be made for a Service

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Kubernetes CKA Exams Sample Test on Services
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