Top 10 Startups Building Speech-to-text Conversion Solutions

Speech recognition startups

This is a list of 10 startups which are using speech recognition technology (Speech-to-text Conversion) to solve different problems.

Startup Name What they are doing
Behavioral Signals Building emotion recognition and behavioral analytics technology; They are speech-to-text conversion with AI to create powerful predictions.
SpeakSee Makes conversations visual and easy to hear for the deaf and hard-of-hearing; It may require integration with Cloud Speech API integration to get real time transcription.
HelixAI Helps scientists, researchers, and lab technicians access information and reference data simply using their voice;
Spitch Swiss-based provider of solutions in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice Biometrics, Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and natural language voice data analytics.
The Record Helps transcribe and analyze all your meetings;
Tetra Helps take notes from the phone calls
Ambit Analytics Helps leaders build collaborative teams through insights on how they talk & listen
Servo Labs Voice-first personal assistant for seniors
IComputingLabs A VR platform to prepare for job interviews
SoapBoxLabs Develops speech recognition solutions specifically for children’s voices to ensure the highest accuracy possible.

The core of all of the above startups is speech-to-text conversion technology. You can build startups like above using Cloud Speech APIs from different providers such as following:

The APIs listed above provides some of the following features based on underlying powerful deep learning/neural networks models:

  • Real-time transcription
  • Accuracy in noisy environment
  • Asynchronous/batch transcription for large audio files

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