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Dummies Notes – What is B-Tree and Why Use Them?

This article represents quick notes on what is B-Tree Data structure and why use them. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos. I found this page (Memory locality & the magic of B-Trees!) on B-Trees as a very interesting read and, would recommend anyone and everyone to go through it to quickly understand the nuances of B-Tree. B-Tree could be defined as a linked sorted distributed range array with predefined sub array size which allows searches, sequential access, insertions and deletions in logarithmic time. Simply speaking, B-Tree is nothing but the generalization of a Binary Search Tree. One may …

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Dummies Notes on How Distributed Computing Works using Hadoop

distributed computing using hadoop

This article intends to present dummies notes on how distributed computing works using Hadoop. As Hadoop is inspired by Google GFS/Map-Reduce/BigTable paper,I have tried and refer to GFS/Map-Reduce/BigTable in this article appropriately wherever possible. One must note that distributed computing paradigm has become mainstream given the advent of Big Data related large scale project implementation going on in several companies. Please feel free to shout if you find discrepancies with my understanding and help me correct the mistakes. Simply speaking, distributed computing refers to the computing paradigm in which processing happens on multiple different boxes consisting of data and, the result is, then, aggregated appropriately to display the final result. In traditional …

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