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Dummies Notes – What is B-Tree and Why Use Them?

This article represents quick notes on what is B-Tree Data structure and why use them. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos. I found this page (Memory locality & the magic of B-Trees!) on B-Trees as a very interesting¬†read and, would recommend anyone and everyone to go through it to quickly¬†understand the nuances of B-Tree. B-Tree could be defined as a linked sorted distributed range array with predefined sub array size which allows searches, sequential access, insertions and deletions in logarithmic time. Simply speaking, B-Tree is nothing but the generalization of a Binary Search Tree. One may …

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Java – How to Create Binary Search Tree for String Search

This article represents code samples and high level concepts for creating a binary search tree to do String related operations such as some of the following: Search one or more words Replace word with new word Find number of occurences of a given word in a string For those who are new to Binary Search Tree, note that Binary Search Tree is defined as tree that satisfy some of the following criteria: Each node in the tree has at most only two children Each node is represented with a key and associated data Key in left children is less than the parent node and key in the right node is …

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