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I have been recently working in the area of Data analytics including Data Science and Machine Learning / Deep Learning. I am also passionate about different technologies including programming languages such as Java/JEE, Javascript, Python, R, Julia, etc, and technologies such as Blockchain, mobile computing, cloud-native technologies, application security, cloud computing platforms, big data, etc. For latest updates and blogs, follow us on Twitter. I would love to connect with you on Linkedin. Check out my latest book titled as First Principles Thinking: Building winning products using first principles thinking

Top 5 Cool Things with New Google Spread Sheets

Following are top 5 cool things that you could do with most recent release of Google spreadsheets: On-the-go formula applied on any column with “=”: Tried formula such as =sum(100,120,200) and pressed enter. And, I got 420 in no time. Take a look at the diagram below. Some of the formulae that could prove handy when you are working with numbers are following: TODAY() SUM or ADD MULTIPLY MINUS DIVIDE POWER Filter Views: With filter views function, one could view and analyze data by hiding the data that one wants to temporarily take out of view. With this feature, one could save multiple filter views as unique names to return to and …

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List of Javascript Frameworks You Heard The Most In Recent Times

Following is a list of javascript framework that you might have heard most in recent times, and wanted to have a quick understanding about them. Lets try and understand their definition and their applicability in terms when would you want to use them. Node.js: Following is definition of node.js from their website ( is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.Node.js can become consideration for some of following use-cases: Need to maintain persistent connection between browser back to the server. In other …

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R&D Framework for Achieving Customer Delight

research development

[adsenseyu2] If you are associated with a software service provider and have come across the customer comments such as following, you may want to read ahead and share your thoughts as comments: The team is creating great software based on what we are asking them to do; However, they are not adding value in terms of suggesting new technologies (tools & frameworks) to optimize one or more existing business processes or suggesting better way of doing the business functions.  The above is more common with software service providers who have been working on staff augmentation model and want to step up to become a strategic business partner of their customers …

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BPM – Key Enabler Technology for Managing Aam Aadmi Complaints (AAC)


Now that the whole of country, India, has woken up to a corruption free governance, if there is one technology that could help accelerate this movement in a managed manner, it has to be business process management and related tools & frameworks. Janata Darbar (People’s gathering with government stakeholders for grievances resolution) has always been famous for quite sometime. However, very recently, it caught media attention for how unmanaged it can go if not planned properly. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal and his team of cabinet ministers decided to talk to people and scheduled a meeting where they expected 5000 people to gather and thus, planned accordingly. …

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Free Online Courses from MIT For Java Web Applications


[adsenseyu2] Following are 4 courses from MIT Open Courseware (OCW) that a newbie would consider for enhancing his concepts for working in Java web applications: Software Engineering for Web Applications: The objective of the course is to enhance the familiarity of students with some of the following key concepts: Concurrency Unpredictable load Security risks Opportunity for wide-area distributed computing Creating a reliable and stateful user experience on top of unreliable connections and stateless protocols Extreme requirements and absurd development schedules Requirements that change mid-way through a project, sometimes because of experience gained from testing with users User demands for a multi-modal interface The entire course can be downloaded from following link: …

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Ongoing Research & Development in NIT Surathkal

NIT Surathkal, one of the premier engineering colleges of India has following two departments where research & development related to computer science is going on. Computer Science & Engineering: The departments supports research in different areas such as application security etc. One of the interesting ongoing project is development of tool for detection of SQL injection vulnerabilities in the web applications. Information Technology: The department of information technology is currently supporting research, primarily, in  the area of data mining, distributed computing and web services. The other areas of research includes big data, semantics web, security etc.

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Top 5 Bad Application Security Practices

bad security practices

We all come across good security practices and make ourselves familiar with them to develop secured code. However, it may also be good idea at times to know about some of the bad security practices such that we, for sure, try and avoid them. [adsenseyu2]   Following are top 5 bad practices you may want to know about: Do NOT interact with un-trusted programs: Make sure that the external programs that your program is invoking for reasons such as data or functionality, must have got reviewed and tested for security compliance. One of the common entry points into secured applications are these unsecured applications and hackers just love them. Hackers, …

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Top Architecture & Governance Principles for 2014

architecture governance

Following are some of the key architecture and governance principles that you could adopt for your project for this year 2014. The architecture principles could be seen as “guiding principles” based on which team would want to design, develop and test the applications. Key Architecture Principles (Guiding Principles) Holistic approach to application security: Given that applications could be accessed from different channels including web and mobile devices, the attack vectors for hacker has increased to a great extent. Thus, traditional approach of applying perimeter level security and doing security penetration testing may not suffice. Instead, it may be a good idea to take a holistic approach towards application security as …

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Top 5 Computing Fundamentals to Learn for a Prosperous 2014

Happy New Year 2014

For those of you looking to find out what will be good to learn in this new year, it would be OK to believe that computing fundamentals has become more important than ever before and it would be good to learn the same in 2014 rather than any of the programming languages such as java, .NET, or languages belonging to open-source stack. Following are some key computing fundamentals to focus upon in the coming year: Performance Engineering: As every business is planning to move their applications to cloud for various different reasons including cost-cutting measures, it has become much more important to write efficient application which makes the optimized usage …

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How to Design & Develop Cloud-Ready Applications?

Cloud Computing

I have come across many a  developers who were seen to have blank face when talked about the fundamentals on how to design and develop cloud ready applications. Taking a step back, most of them are still unaware of what is meaning of cloud computing and, do they require to acquire one or more specific skill sets to design and develop cloud ready applications? In short, a cloud-ready applications can be developed using any programming language. All that is required is to keep in mind few design and development fundamentals in this relation.  By the way, as per the technology trends for 2014 published by several analysts, it is high …

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Campus Bytes – New Initiative

college research and revelopment

We are starting on with a new initiative where we would like to review and write about the research & development going on in several engineering colleges across the country (India) and, how they could benefit different IT companies. This would include reviews on white papars published in different journals, college websites, interviews from paper authors, lecturers and professors. In addition, we would like to invite key stakeholders from different IT companies to present their views on these papers and any further research that they would want to fund in one or more areas from within colleges. If you belong to one or more colleges and would like to submit …

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Developer Analysis of Hacker’s Attack on Target Stores – Page 1

target attacked

This is a series of articles to represent developer’s point of view and learning from recent TARGET retail store security attack due to which various reports say that around 40 million customer credit and debit cards data must have got compromised. This hackers’ attck is currently talk of the town and is under analysis of various different security agencies including US secret service. In this article, we shall look at various different possibilities/attack vectors/security vulnerabilities that could have led to third attack. One of the many possibilities could have been installation of malware at the POS system where customers use to swipe their card for the purchases that they make. This could have …

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Tips & Techniques for Estimating Software Testing Effort


Even before we go about looking into tips and techniques for doing effort estimation for testing, it may be kept in mind that testing can be secluded as a separate task. It starts with the start of the project by starting to analyzing the project requirements and come up with a test plan comprising of test cases (primarily) and goes on till the end in form of performing the tests. However, it may be good idea to understand different aspects of testing to be done in the project and assign efforts accordingly if the testing includes specific attention due to various different reasons. Also, different software development methodologies such as …

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Google Email or MS Exchange Server for Corporate Accounts

Before we discuss on the difference between Google Apps and MS Exchange Server for corporate email accounts, it goes without saying that Google apps (email) can be used with MS outlook as email client. This is provided by Google for people who are not comfortable with the GMail client. These people can use the same features using MS Outlook. [adsenseyu2] If you want to understand criteria based on which you could decide whether to use Google Email or MS Exchange Server for various purposes including corporate email accounts, following are some of the key differences: Email Search: “Search email” feature in Google is any day better than MS Exchange email …

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Top 7 Secured Practices for Securing Your Partner APIs

security threat partner API

If you are planning to publish partner APIs for exposing your business services or data to your partners and customers, you may want to consider following top 7 secured best practices to ensure application level security: [adsenseyu2] Access-token based Authentication: Have your partners’ applications authenticate itself (and its users) using access-tokens rather than actual passwords. This is because access-tokens may be easily time-boxed and can be enforced to be renewed at the regular time-intervals. And the theft of access token can not really compromise the actual users’ password with the parent application. In this relation, you may consider using OAuth based authentication technique. In addition to usage of access-token for …

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API Economy & Rich Dad, Poor Dad

API Economy Rich Dad Poor Dad

In recent times, as I have been hearing about and, reading a lot on API related articles including topics such as application programming interfaces (APIs) economy, API-First, API-driven development etc, I got extremely fascinated with this API thing. This is where I decided to put my findings around when, why and how to go for API adoption and whether it would be fruitful for business to go for APIs from strategy perspective. Interestingly enough, I found some connection between API thing, and the central theme of the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This is where I thought to use key themes from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad to present …

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