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How to Gradle Spring MVC Web Project

The article describes steps that are required to build the a Spring MVC web application project using Gradle tool. Step 1: Web Application Folder Make sure you have maven-based web application folder. We recommend you to check our article published on different possible layouts of web application folders. As a recap, following is how the web application folder structure would look like: src/main/java (Consists of Java files) src/main/resources src/main/scripts src/main/webapps: This would further have following folder structure: assets (publicly accessible files) css js images META-INF WEB-INF lib (spring/hibernate & other libraries) views (jsp files) hibernate.cfg.xml (if hibernate is used as well) spring-servlet.xml web.xml   Step 2: Create a Gradle Script …

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Gradle War Configuration for Eclipse Spring Web Application Project

The article describes the configuration one would need to create WAR file for an Eclipse-base web application (Dynamic Web) project. Below code represents whats needed to compile your Java Eclipse-based web application project and create WAR file which can be deployed later, on any Java server such as Tomcat. Pay attention to some of the following facts: repositories: “repositories” is referred in a local directory rather than external repository such as MavenCentral etc. sourceSets: sourceSets define the path under which Java source code exists. It MUST BE NOTED that failing to define this would have Gradle look into Maven-based folder such as “src/main/java” for source code that would eventually result …

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Gradle Quick Tutorial & Hello World Code Samples

The article aims to briefly describe key concepts of Gradle along with providing code samples for hello world. The intended audience are those inquisitive souls who want to quickly get up and running with Gradle tool. For detailed information, you may want to check out the book, Building & Testing with Gradle. Following is discussed in this article: What is Gradle? Coding Build Files with Groovy DSL Task Definition Closures HelloWorld Code Samples What is Gradle? As defined on http://www.gradle.org/, “Gradle is build automation evolved. Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment and more of software packages or other types of projects such as generated static websites, generated documentation or …

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