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What is Difference Between Select and Datalist?

The article represents the key difference between Select and Datalist and emphasize on related best practices. Following are key differences Select is an form input type while Datalist isn’t Select input element presents options for the users from which they need to select one of them. On the otherhand, Datalist presents a list of suggested values to the associated input form (text) field and users are free to select one of those suggested values or type in their own value. With Select, users may have to scan a long list for selecting one of the values, while with Datalist, the values are provided as hints and users ain’t bound to …

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HTML Div, Span & Table From Non-HTML Horse’s Mouth :)

Honestly speaking, I have been,┬áprimarily, focusing all my energy on programming languages such as Java, PHP, Scala, Haskell etc and Javascript recently, and not really doing enough on HTML/CSS side. However, to try some of my ideas, I do use to pick up code for HTML/CSS from different pages after searching from Google. Over a period of time, this helped me to gain a perspective on what is “div” and “span” and what is the difference between “Div” and “Table”. Interestingly, I found these topics presenting challenges to rookie HTML/CSS developers in terms of understanding when to use what? I have tried to present my understanding of “Div”, “Span” and …

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