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Build IVR System using Amazon Polly, Lambda and Twilio

Build IVR with Amazon Polly, S3, Lambda and Twilio

Building an intelligent IVR system with a Bot handling the interaction with your end users and bringing in humans based on pre-defined events would bring a lot of automation and remove mundane manual activities which takes up lot of time for a person. This can be achieved using cloud services provided by cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Azure etc and communication service providers such as Twilio. In this post, you will learn about how to create or build an intelligent or smart IVR system using some of the following: Use Amazon Polly to create one or more custom text-to-speech audios and store the same at predefined locations in AWS …

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Java Code to Invoke Twilio Rest API to Play Audio

Java and Twilio Rest API for Phone Calls

This post represents sample Java code (example) to demonstrate how to invoke Twilio Rest API to play pre-recorded audio in a phone call made to the users. The code could be used to in some of the following usecase: Alert users via phone call in relation to different kind of critical events such as security issues, production downtime, production issues etc. Play different kind of messages to users in relation to different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. The code can be used to play audio stored at locations such as cloud platform storage (AWS storage, Google/Azure storage etc.) The key is to provide public access (READ permission) to these …

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Twilio & AWS S3 using Java & Spring Boot – Code Example

twilio and AWS S3 with Java and Spring Boot

Twilio is a very popular communication service which could be used to send SMS, make the phone or video calls to people in different countries. In this post, you will learn about creating Java and Spring Boot app in relation to how to use Twilio phone service to make a phone call and play audio stored at AWS S3 bucket. The following are some of the related use cases: Play security and other alerts via phone calls Play messages of any kind via phone calls The following are some of the topics which would be covered in this post: Define VoiceService interface defining APIs Create Twilio Voice Service implementation Load …

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