Learn R or Python for Becoming Data Scientist?

This article presents analysis on whether one should go for learning R or Python programming language to create one or more predictive models using different machine learning algorithms. It could be noted that both languages, R and Python, is equally doing good and sought after by developers and the companies hiring such developers. So, you could choose either one of these languages. However, majority has been found to be voted in favour of Python for ease of learning and greater community support.


Data Scientist with expertise in R

Following indeed.com plot represents the job trends for the search term, “Data Scientist R”. It clearly indicates the trend such as increase in jobs requiring Data scientist with expertise in R programming language.

Following represents Google search trends for R programming language. It indicates an increasing trend for developers adopting R.




Data Scientist with expertise in Python

Following plot represents the job trends for the search term, “Data Scientist Python”

Following represents Google Search Trends for Python. It shows the increasing trend in adoption of Python as a programming language. Although, it could be argued that Python programming is used for projects not related with data science, as well but one should observe that Google searches for “Python” has increased after a dip around 2011.

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