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Big Data is NOT Just about Hadoop Stack Implementation

That is something any one can with a decent technical skill and Java experience could do it. Big Data has lot to do with Data science. And, to stand out as a Big Data solution provider in the IT marketplace, one needs to have a team of Data scientist who work with technologist to implement Big data solution suggested by them. Thus, following is how the Big Data team may look like? Project/Delivery Manager Data Scientist Technical Architect (Hadoop) Technical team including team/tech lead, developers, testers etc Build/Configuration Engineer: This may be important owing to the Big Data typical cluster configurations requirement and the complexities surrounding it. What is a …

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Google Glass to Revolutionize Big Data

Google glass project, once in full swing and with full acceptance by consumers, will turn out to be a biggest source of data which could be treated best by applying big data technologies. Simply speaking, Big Data is data set having following characteristics: Volume Velocity Variety Veracity That said, Google Glass will add variety of data in greater volume at much greater velocity. Some of the existing big data technologies that can be thought to help great deal to store and process data acquired by Google Glass are following: Hadoop (HDFS & MapReduce) HBase for non-relational database to work with data stored with Hadoop Hive for business analytics Solr (Lucene) …

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