Ok Glass, Show the Best Buy – Can that be the Killer Glassware?

Could this be the killer glassware app for Google Glass? Could this help boost the google glass adoption among consumers?

Well, there has been smartphone applications using which one scans the Barcode of the product on the shelf and get the details about it. But, with google glass, it would be as easy as user looking at a product on the shelf and saying, “ok glass, show the best buy”. This would get him the most appropriate competitive products along with shop detail based on various factors some of which are listed below. Keep on reading…

Let’s try and understand what might show up on google glass if someone says, “ok glass, show the best buy” by looking towards a product in a local shop?

With the command such as “ok glass, show the best buy“, the user may be able to see some of the following cards in his timeline while he is shopping:

  1. Most recommended product locally (100 miles around his current location) related with the product he is watching, based on purchasing habit of users like him.
  2. Most lucrative deal related to the product he is watching and his user profile (purchasing habits), along with the local shop address such that he could drive (again with the help of google glass direction feature).

This would certainly regulate the price in the market and make the sellers be competitive. The sellers/merchandisers can as well use this feature to create promotion campaigns from time-to-time to boost their sale.

Technology Implementation – Architecture

Lets try and understand what might take from technology implementation perspective.

Following can be some of the key aspects of this glassware – “ok glass, show the best buy”:

  1. Pattern matching
  2. Social
    • Social sharing: This may act key to this glassware. Users while buying a product could share the “best buy” information on their social network.
    • Social Recommendation (like): Once the “best buy” information is shared by someone on the social network, the members in network could spread it further by “likes”.
  3. Local
    • Local shops vis-a-vis products they sell
  4. Catalog and Pricing
    • Product catalogs
    • Pricing
    • Promotion
  5. Big Data
    • Recommendations
    • Most lucrative deal

Diagrammatically, the high level functional architecture may look something like below:

Show the Best Buy Glassware

High Level Architecture: Show the Best Buy Glassware


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